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More December Awesomeness: Freebies Galore!

December 4, 2010

I have to give myself a hi-five for my wicked banner.  Do I care that it’s a tad pixilated?  No, because it’s awesome and I did it in under 10 minutes and if you judge than you can suck it.

For the entire month of December, I’ll be giving away free awesome stuff.  My last giveaway was pretty wicked if you ask me; people were going  mad over the Cheeky Monkey nail polish.

Why am I giving stuff away?  well, because I seem to have a spending problem and have received copious amounts of freebies that I’m just never going to use.  So instead of wasting and tossing them out, why not give some away to my dear readers?  And it’s also December; you know, ’tis the season for giving etc etc.

Here’s the 2nd December giveaway:

  1. Herbal Essences (full size) Tousle Me Softly mousse. I use their Liquid Gel and it smells delish.
  2. Mary Kay Be Radiant baked powder in Dusk (full size).  A wicked swirl of holiday shimmery gorgeousness in one jar.  It delivers a sheer hint of shimmer that’s buildable so it can be worn bold on any skin tone.   I am seriously considering pulling this out of the giveaway.  Do you see that beautiful purple color?  That would make a fantastic eye shadow and the beige would be a great brow highlighter.  I would be happy to take this back if no one enters this giveaway!
  3. Custom cards made by Canadian designer Laura K.  Who doesn’t love cards?   Pack of 3 blank cards; 2 Thank-you and 1 Celebrate
  4. Covergirl Liquiline Blast in Black (full size).  I only wear liquid liner or gel liner but if I could do the smoky eye thing, this would be my weapon of choice.  Just looking at the tip, it looks like it goes on like velvet and it has a built in sponge to smudge the liner.  Smokey  eyes has never been so easy!
  5. Awesome breath kit! Make an impression with  minty fresh breath, not rank halitosis!  There’s nothing worse than talking to someone who has a swamp in their mouth so keep your dragon breath at bay and those pearly whites sparkling with a full dental kit!  Inside:  a full size toothbrush with a travel case, travel toothpase (Colgate), Oral-B satin floss and a pack of these awesome toothpicks with built in floss to get those hard to reach areas!  I keep a stash of these in my drawer at work just in case
  6. Darphin Instant Lumiere face cream.  A larger than normal sample size, this luxurious brand is one of my favorites.  The one thing I love about Darphin is that they use aromatic plant essences so not only are they highly effective, they smell great and feel so amazing.  The Instant Lumiere brightening cream is great to perk up dull skin and who doesn’t have dull skin during these harsh cold days?
  7. Consonant Body firming eye cream. This company was a hit at BlushPretty’s beauty board and they sold out of their firming eye cream that evening.
  8. Darphin Line Response Nourishing Serum.  If you’re in your 30s, you definitely  need to include serums into your skin care regime.  I use Darphin’s serums all the time and love them.  This serum contains Omega 369 – the building blocks of beautiful skin – helps reduce the appearance of first lines and wrinkles as it nourishes dry skin all day.  You only need a teeny tiny amount so this sample will last you a while.

Entry Rules:

Typing out all those descriptions was tiring and I can’t be bothered to type out a bunch of entry instructions and I’m sure you don’t want to jump through hoops to enter so I’m going to make it really easy:  please leave me a comment on this post indicating what product you like from this giveaway.  I also accept bribes in the form of compliments,  money and designer bags.

Contest closes Dec 14, 201o

Good Luck!


Winner of the Cheeky Monkey Giveaway!

December 3, 2010

Congratulations Steph on winning the Cheeky Monkey & Other Awesomeness giveaway!  Although my little monkey is sick with a throat infection, she was totally up for picking the winner.  Yes, I use my child to be my random name-picker.   Don’t mind the disheveled look; her hair’s out of control because she won’t let me brush it and hubs won’t let me cut it (he wants to grow it long).

I’ll be mailing out your package on Monday so expect it sometime next week!  Enjoy and thanks everyone for entering!!

Is common sense really that uncommon?

December 2, 2010

So I’m going to go off on a work rant here.  By the way, I don’t dislike my job despite the volume annoyed posts I write on here about my work.  Really, it’s the people in this company who are most frustrating; like the kind of frustrating where you want to bang your head against the wall and cry because people surely can’t be this dumb?

I won’t bore you with project details but what it boils down to is I have to follow company protocol when delivering projects meaning I have to engage “experts” to assess and validate our requirements.  My problem is that these “experts” aren’t experts at all but nothing more than red tape that I have to navigate otherwise I can’t go back to council for more funding.  It’s bullshit if you ask me.  So like a good worker,  I follow procedure but what always ends up happening (like now) is I do all the work and circumvent them in order to get the job done.  To be quite frank, it’s a pretty stupid process that does nothing but halt the progress of the project and irritate me to no end.

The last few days have been frustrating because these people can’t get their shit straight.  I’m up against a deadline and they’re pissing around doing God knows what.  To top off my frustration, I have to repeat myself multiple times (to the same question!!) which is a huge pet peeve of mine.  If I have to repeat myself more than twice, then they obviously don’t get it and I’m wasting my time.  Case in point:  I sent two spreadsheets over with 11 months worth of data, including totals for each line item.   My email noted that total volumes are listed beside each item and to let me know their assessment based on top volumes.   You would think that one would simply sort the data from largest to smallest and then take the top ten, right?   Well, not at my office.   Instead, I get a response asking for the top ten because she’s having trouble figuring it out.  ARE YOU FOR REAL?  Surely she must be shitting me because IT’S RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HER.

So at this point, I’m trying to figure out if this is just a trick so she doesn’t have to do anything or she is that stupid that she can’t figure this out.  I know there are people in this company who pretend to not know anything or do everything wrong on purpose just to get out of doing any type of work.  I call these people stupid geniuses because somehow they still manged to stay employed despite their idiocy.


Geek and Networking Don’t Mix

December 1, 2010
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Before I start, just reminding everyone that my Cheeky Monkey and Other Awesome Stuff giveaway is ending in 2 days (Dec 3) so get your entries in now!


Last night, me and a few of my girlfriends – one of them friend and fellow blogger, Leesh – went to a networking event.  There were cookies galore, nibblies, crepe-making, trinkets that were showcased, free champagne and lots of women who were swapping cards, introducing themselves  and making their social rounds.  People were all dolled up, walking around, sipping champagne, browsing and chatting.  It was very Carrie Bradshaw-like.  Clearly, I didn’t get the memo regarding dress code because while everyone was decked out in cocktail dresses, heels and fancy accessories, I showed up in jeans and my clunky Mag shoes which might as well been a potato sack and barefeet because that’s what it felt like.

This is my first networking event and now I know why I don’t usually attend:  I obviously don’t know how to dress the part and I also don’t know how to network.  I’m not the type of person to walk up to a complete stranger and and strike up a conversation because I don’t know what to say and is it bad that to some degree, I don’t really care?  Not that I don’t care but putting my name out there or what I do isn’t at the forefront of Things To Do list.   Also,  I think people can sense that about me because no one really approached me either.  The only person I met already knew Leesh and I just happened to be standing beside her so the introductions had to be made (she was very nice by the way).

I’ll be honest and say that I was excited to go but mainly because I was going see my friends, I was going to an After Work Event (we mothers find it pretty exciting to socialize amongst adults; it sort of takes us back to those carefree days when we could gallivant around the city) and I heard that there were booths set up to do a little shopping.  Oh and the swag;  I’m all about the swag.    The night was fun with some disappointments; one of them being I got a $30 parking ticket!  You would think that if you pay the stupid green P meter and press the “Max Time” button, you have paid for the entire duration that your car is there (sort of like those indoor parking garages when you pay a flat fee and your car can sit there for hours).  Well my friends, the parking meters along Mill Street are not like that.  The  “Max Time” means you can only pay up to a certain amount but once your time expires, you have to pay again.   This is misrepresentation if you ask me.  It should not be labeled as  “Max Time”  but “Max Payment”.   Their definition of Max Time is fucked up and is really a ploy for those parking assholes to get money out of you.  They should really label it “Haha sucker eat this” because that was the message I got once I saw the yellow ticket on my windshield.  I am not pleased, not pleased at all.

In other news, I think I’m going to really learn how to use Photoshop.  With the revival of my passion for blogging, I want to be able to create digital awesomeness instead of the hackjobs I usually do with free online apps.  This will include the ability to make business cards, redesign my blog look/feel/layout and create associated images for banners, buttons and other wickedness.   I suppose I could get someone to do it for me but I don’t have the patience to wait for the finished product and besides, if I asked friends to do it, they wouldn’t be my friends anymore because I would be constantly hounding them to get it done.    Now where’s my Photoshop for Dummies?


Domain Help

November 30, 2010

I found out a while ago that my domain registrar is having a sale on domain names!  Check it:

holy cheap, batman!







I like Namespro because 1) they’re Canadian and 2) your domain also comes with one free email.  It’s not much space (only 100MB) but unless you’re storing pictures, that’s not bad for free email.

I’ve been thinking of registering another domain that describes both sites because  I’ m finding hard to streamline the two sites.  Since my baby site is so specific, it just seems odd to have parents stumble upon that site only to find other random posts among the baby-specific information.  If I were a parent searching for an answer to my problem and found a site with a mishmash of baby information and random outbursts, I’d think that parent crazy.  Therefore, I often find myself giving my personal site preferential treatment because I can write more freely.

I was thinking about registering my current domain name but spelling it correctly (mindlessdrivel, not mindlessdrivl as it’s currently spelled).  I would of course get a .ca extension to support Canadian domain registrations.

If I were to change the name to one that combines both sites, I was thinking:

  • mama3.0
  • mamasays
  • mamamayi

If you have any suggestions, please send them my way.  It doesn’t have to have the word “mama” or “mommy” in it; just a name that describes me:  working mother trying to balance it all with random outbursts of twisted hilarity.


Pits of Despair

November 28, 2010

Earlier this morning, I went for an 80min swedish massage.  I had one last week too not because I’ve been on a pampering kick but because I seriously screwed up my back.  The massage was just a bonus from said screw-up but for real, I was in major pain for nearly a month.  An upside to the pain was being able to take Robaxacet – or as it’s now known, Robax – if the pain got really bad.  I’ve never taken a muscle relaxant before and let me just say that it’s pretty awesome.  Not in a buzzy druggy sort of way but in a knock you out and you have no idea what’s going on sort of way.  Just the way I like it.

Now, whenever I have some kind of pampering done whether that be pedicure, massage or whatever, I have this weird thing where I have to make sure that the area which the person is going to service is prepared and by that, I mean hair free.  I’m sure there’s nothing worse than to have to run your hand up a stubbly leg or see  unsightly hair.  I’m pretty sure that watercooler chit chat among spa staff often involve topics such as hairy, smelly, gross, slimy, sweaty clients etc., and I certainly don’t want to fall into one of those categories but today, I just might have.

In my rush to get everything done before we started our day, I forgot to clear my pits and by clear, I mean groom.  Actually, that’s not entirely true; I forgot to clear one of my pits because I did one yesterday, got distracted by something else and forgot to complete the job.  So yes, I did not follow my cardinal rule and only remembered after I was lying on my stomach and after I told the RMT to work on my shoulders and back.  I asked him to turn the lights off but who was I kidding; I had about 2 weeks worth of growth under there and I was embarrassed as shit.  I was certain that he could see it and he even went so far to place his hand in my pits to loosen the muscles in my shoulder so that didn’t help my embarrassment.  He kept on telling  me to relax because I kept on cringing every time he tried to raise my arms.  I wanted to say:  don’t look at me, I’m hideous! but I was too embarrassed to say anything or apologize.  I don’t have a lot of hair in my pits but the problem is that it can grow long; sort of like a mini Fu Man Chu peeking out from under there.

There are two RMTs I usually see:  Sergiy or Eric.  If it were Sergiy, I wouldn’t have minded so much because he’s European and I’m pretty sure women with hairy pits are the norm in most European countries.  Eric is younger, from Toronto so I don’t doubt that he filed me and my pits under the “gross” category in his brain.  I could barely even look at him when he was done and hurried past him to the change room so I could get the hell out of there.

Oh and before I forget, did you enter my Cheeky Monkey and other wicked stuff giveaway?  if not, click here!  Seriously, the swag you get is pretty awesome if I say so myself.  Good luck!

Wanted: Awesome Book

November 27, 2010
I want this now

It’s been a really long time since I read a “I just can’t put it down; to hell with everything else” book; I think the last one was probably A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.  I was in Rome and argued with my husband because he wanted to go and see the Coliseum while I wanted to stay in the hotel and read my book, yes it was that good that I wanted to forgo visiting a historical monument just so I could finish my book.  You see, whenever I get into a really good book, I just have to finish it; even if it means staying up until 4am or in my case, ignore the fact that I was in one of the greatest cities in all of Europe and it was our vacation.  Yeah, hubs wasn’t too pleased with me.

I’m not in the business of buying hardcover books; with technology these days, you don’t have to buy books anymore and I’m not about to pony up $34 for a hardcover.  Even with the Black Friday sales, I don’t think this book is discounted.  I read an excerpt of the book and holy crap is it good.  If anyone has read this, please tell me it’s as awesome as it seems (so far). tooted this as their #1 book in their Top 100 list.