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Photo Fridays: Work – The Good Ol’ Days

December 10, 2010

I’m usually a “don’t mix business with personal”‘ type of person; I just find it easier to keep things more private that way and seriously, do I want co-workers to know how I really am?  However, my old team was a little different.  Perhaps it’s because we’re of the same age group, same maturity level (read: immature) and have a twisted sense of humor.  We found hilarity in other people’s misfortunes and by that, I mean if one of us fell or tripped or made an ass out of ourselves, we found that hilarious and would keep finding ways to bring it up or better yet, reenact it.  It was a good camaraderie; we worked well together and always got the job done but we also slacked off really well too.  Most of our day – regardless if things were busy or not – involved a lot of silly pranks, off-color jokes, email hacking (you learned quick to lock your computer whenever you left your desk); hamburger throwing, timbit and/or gummy bear whipping, computer terrorizing, sumo wrestling, mocking, laughing, football throwing, destroying phone by banana smashing and laptop destroying good innocent fun.

Although we often screwed around in the office and pretended like everything wasn’t a big deal, we knew when we needed to put our heads down and work and when we could put things on the back-burner.  To be quite honest, we did prioritize our tasks even though everyone probably thought we were just a bunch of young punks who did nothing but fuck around in the office but it seemed that everyone buzzed about in a state of panic urgently asking for this or that  and our response would be something to the effect of chill guy.  I’m on it and then we’d turn around and resume our fuckery.  I can imagine the frustration that person felt when he didn’t see one of us jump on the computer and start typing away so needless to say, people didn’t like asking us for stuff.  It wasn’t our way of deterring people from approaching us for information but we knew what was important, how long it would take and most of the stuff requested was really easy and could be done in minutes.  We also knew certain people were always operating in a state of urgency and from experience, knew that if we killed ourselves fulfilling their request, it wouldn’t even be reviewed for like, 2 weeks so why bother jumping the gun, right?

Here are some (tame) examples of our fuckery:

Professional to clients/executives but crass to each other, it wasn’t uncommon to receive email replies  such as this.   That’s my response to an email which notes some functionality of a new system we were building.

Do you see Chairman Mao in the background?  This  is a picture of me when I supposedly visited my motherland and home of my peeps.   Of course, this was circulated to other team members before I saw it.  Or maybe I saw it on Facebook first I can’t remember.   Witness the abuse that I was often subjected to!   Racist jokes were the norm around the office and of course, there was a flurry of comments in Facebook after this was posted; most of which I caught after the fact and the joke had lost its moment.

Other activities we partook:

  • I once took a peeled banana and smashed it into my friend’s phone.  There are grills over the speakerphone which I made sure to smush banana into every part and that phone reeked like old banana for months
  • I picked off the keys off of my friend’s laptop and hid them.  You never know how important the Shift, Delete or Backspace keys are until they’re missing!  I also broke the Enter key by accident so he had to tape it down on the keyboard haha!
  • I opened my bottom drawer and found it full of bbq popcorn.  They felt no way for the contents in my drawer either so I had oil stains and bbq powder over everything
  • There was a mass of headless gummy bears hanging from the ceiling
  • I’m pretty sure some had bottles of vodka stashed in their drawer
  • hiding other people’s belongings somewhere else.  Or in some cases, their entire desk (including the desk)
  • bringing the toy Merlin into conference calls and when people would ask who joined the bridge, we would press the button that said “I AM MERLIN” and then laugh our asses off
  • accidentally hanging up the phone when someone was on a conference call.  Most of the time it was an accident because we never really thought that the football which we were using to aim at the END button would actually hit it
  • I walked into a conference room and found a hamburger bun stuck to the wall.  Three days later, it was still there
  • Colorful drawings and obscenities scrawled on the white boards which often had “P.L.O” (please leave on) written beside it
  • We decided to go on strike, blocked off our area with police tape, made someone Union Rep and funneled all requests through the Union Rep.  We made up request forms which had to be completed if you needed something done.  If you got approved, you could talk to us; if you got rejected, you had to submit another request.  I think the inbox may have been the recycling bin.  The funny thing was that people actually started filling out our “request forms” haha!
  • When we discovered Gizoogle, we renamed it The Shizzifier and shizzified everything – emails, work documents, presentations.   We did not like it when things weren’t shizzified.  I once shizzified a requirements document and sent it to an architect.  I thought it was hilarious; him… not so much
  • I turned on my laptop only to find the entire screen scribbled with permanent marker
  • One guy got a timbit whipped at his head so hard he walked around with a red welt on his neck for a whole day

Good times!

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  1. karm permalink
    December 11, 2010 2:30 pm

    great post kat. good times indeed.

    what about when i “took control” of your computer. you called chuck and arinze over to try to figure it out. hahaha.

    didn’t i put one of your action figures in jello? hahaha.

    • December 11, 2010 9:05 pm

      haha or how about when I signed you up for Lainey gossip email updates, your work email got bombarded with gossip emails and you were all: what the fuck? why am I getting all these emails from this Lainey chick? haha!

      yes, you jello’d my darth vader action figure. it took me months to get all the orange jello out of his mask 😦

  2. elisse permalink
    December 13, 2010 2:46 am

    Ahh yes, good times from back in the day. When you find a good work crew like that it’s so important to cherish the memories. Looks like you had no problems in making the most of your time together ;P

    • December 14, 2010 9:10 am

      haha we have very incriminating pictures of after-hours bar hopping 😀

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