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Wanker Alert

November 25, 2010

Although I run the risk of looking like a complete wanker, I’ve been seriously considering buying a bluetooth headset.  With Black Friday approaching fast and furious, I’m sort of caught up in all the discount hoopla and have been surfing all morning for ways to spend my money.  This, after I ranted on hubs that we need to cut down our spending pronto.  Hello kettle, my name is Black.

After some research, I discovered that this headset is selling for $59.99 on Amazon, regular price $149.99 and since I have a distributor located in New York (aka a friend who often visits Toronto) I can send my stuff there without having to be extorted from ridiculous amount of money to get it shipped here.

But here’s the thing:  I usually make fun of people who wear bluetooth headsets.  To me, they look like pretentious wieners and now I’m considering joining the club.   Mind you, not all headset owners are wankers; I’m only talking about the people who wear them outside of their car.  If you’re walking around, you don’t need to talk hands free unless you’re shopping, holding a child, cooking or doing something where both of your hands are preoccupied.

I have bluetooth in my SUV which I use but it’s kind of shitty.  Actually, it’s very shitty and I really hate it.  My other car is manual which makes it hard to steer, shift and hold the phone all the while trying to avoid the cops from catching me.  Do I really need this gadget?  not really.  But it’s a gadget and I’m a gadget whore therefore I will always lust for it.  And it’s not like I talk on the phone all the time but during the times when I need it most, I curse myself for not having it.  Most of these occasions involve me driving around, lost, and trying to get directions/figure out where the hell I am.

The Aliph Jawbone has been rated as the top bluetooth with excellent noise cancellation and sound clarity.  I wouldn’t buy it at the regular price but for $60, it’s pretty appealing.  I like the fact that it’s small, black and very subtle which reduces the wanker quotient.  I usually find most earpieces pretty offensive I would never dream of buying a bright flashy one or one that emits some silly blue/red/other iridescent light.  Really, the only time your bluetooth headset should emit light is when your battery is about to die but this one is light free and can easily be hidden by my hair.

I am giving myself until tomorrow morning to decide to buy this.


I ended up buying a headset; not this one but the Jawbone Icon so yeah, I’m in the ranks of wanks.

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  1. Maureen permalink
    November 26, 2010 5:59 am

    So… Did you decide?

    • November 26, 2010 2:23 pm

      yes! I ended up buying it for $60 🙂

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