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Teenage Dream

November 12, 2010
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I love Glee.  It’s one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time.  It’s light, heartfelt and lets us old folk travel down memory lane once a week. Sometimes we just need a break from the heavy drama typical of prime time television and escape to a world of simpler times; a world where the only crisis you faced was running into your crush in the hall, tripping down the stairs and making an ass out of yourself, teenage dreams, puppy love, fashion crises, teenage angst and of course, singing.  I love the singing.  Except when Mr. Shu tries to sing and be all down with it… that makes me very uncomfortable.  In fact, I’m so embarrassed for him when he tries to bust a move with the kids that I have to look away.

To be honest, I could do without much of the cast.  The people who really make the show are Kurt, Sue, Brittany and Mercedes.   Kurt, because he’s so sophisticated and beyond his years yet trapped in the immaturity that is high school;  Sue, because she’s bad ass and one tough bitch; Brittany, because she’s hilariously dumb and Mercedes, because she has a heart of gold and is a way better singer than Rachel.  And while I know they’re all lip-synching during the taping, Mercedes does a better job of trying to look like she’s singing rather than Rachel who overacts and quite frankly, is annoying at best.

However, this week’s episode may have a new star.

Darren Chriss, who sang Teenage Dream was amazing.  Regardless if he becomes Kurt’s boyfriend he has an amazing voice and they sang that song way better than Katy Perry.  Sorry Katy, but you got schooled by a bunch of teenagers.  That scene and that song was so amazing that I actually went to iTunes and bought the song and I never buy anything from iTunes.  Actually, I very rarely by any type of software because I feel that if it’s available through other means, then that is my preferred choice.  In fact, that song was the only thing that I’ve ever bought from iTunes so that just goes to show you how moved I was by that performance.

I hope his character returns.  By far, this was one of the best episodes this season and this season has been pretty slow.  I think they tried to jazz things up by introducing that blond guy but I gotta say, he looks like a weird cross between Macaulay Caulkin and Justin Bieber that I don’t like looking at him.  He has features that are too large for his face and his big bee-stung lips make me want to punch them.  So Fox network:  please bring back the Warbler dude because the shy yet adorable crush that Kurt has on him would make for an awesome story line.  Of course, you hear all the humdrum about airing a gay romance on prime time television and to those ignoramuses, I say suck it!  it’s 2010, get with the program!  They showed Brittany and Santana gettin down so let’s give Kurt and Blaine a shot, shall we?

I don’t know about you but for me, high school itself wasn’t that memorable.  For one, there wasn’t a Glee club at my school.  At least not one that I was aware of.  Then again, I’m not a good person to ask about the goings-on at my high school because well, I was only there for class.  The rest of the time I was high-school hopping and pretending to be a student at catholic high schools or other public schools where my friends were.  I wasn’t part of any extra curricular activities or groups in my school nor did I hang out in any crowds.  On days when I wasn’t skipping out, I was in class, studying or sitting in the atrium waiting for my next class to start.  Yeah, you can pretty much say that I was a loner for a good part of my high school career.  I didn’t hang out in any social clubs and I barely ate lunch there.  Every day when the bell rang that signalled lunch, I’d hop in my car and go home to eat and maybe take a nap.  On days when I didn’t have a car, I’d eat lunch by myself or study in the library.  Wow, that sounds pretty pathetic.

So maybe this is why I like Glee so much.  If I had that kind of talent in my vocal cords, I’d most definitely be in the the Glee club.  This show allows me to see what high school could have been like for me socially and emotionally.  I say emotionally because I never really had any school crushes and I didn’t give a shit what anyone thought of  me.  I never got caught up with who was cool, who was a loser or what was the latest fashion trend.  On most days, I literally woke up, splashed some water onto my face and went to school so that means my wardrobe was a ratty shirt, track pants and my hair pulled back into a dishevelled ponytail.  Don’t get me wrong; I had a blast during my teens but most of my memories consist of things like alcohol, RPM, 19+ guys and other clubs that I managed to sneak into.  I didn’t really have that open-eyed, naive innocence that the female characters on the show portray.  Or maybe I was too drunk to remember haha!

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  1. November 13, 2010 10:12 am

    Haha. I love Shue, but I’m really embarrassed when we have to watch him perform songs like “Bust a Move” and “Thong Song.”

    Teenage Dream was dreamy and I, like everyone else, had to giddily watch that scene multiple times. So great – and the look on Kurt’s face and in his eyes was so genuinely brilliant. I agree with you that it was one of, if not the best episode of the season. While the Britney Spears one was fun and all, I’m not digging the themed episodes because they feel really contrived and the real heart of the show gets lost – the characters and their stories.

  2. November 28, 2010 9:31 pm

    I watched Teenage Dream over and over again. I even blogged about it so I would have easy access to it when I wanted to watch the scene.

    I thought that I wouldn’t be that interested in the Gwyneth Paltrow episode but I loved the Umbrella/Singin’ in the Rain mash up. I also liked last week’s episode with all the Bruno Mars songs. I have to admit, this season was a slow start but it really picked up.

    Sam and Quinn – I like their relationship, they are super cute together. But now that you mention it, he does look like the Home Alone kid.

    Now I am going to watch Teenage Dream again.

    • November 29, 2010 4:27 pm

      LOL I watched Teenage Dream once/day after it aired. Glee’s getting so good! Can’t wait for this week’s epi!

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