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Adventures in Toddlerhood: November 2010

November 4, 2010
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Another month has come and gone and our little monkey is as fun as ever!


  • Age:  28mos
  • Height:  I still don’t know!!
  • Weight:  around 26lbs (which surprises mommy because she says that I eat like a machine!)

Developmental Milestones I’ve hit/working on:

  • Still potty training.  Mommy put me in underwear last week Saturday.  I didn’t have any accidents that day but I had some the next day.  That’s because I don’t want to stop what I’m doing to go to the toilet.  I don’t like pooping in the toilet still.  Mommy tries and tries but I don’t want to!
  • My molars are killing me.  Seriously, you don’t know how bad it is!
  • I know how to put on my own jacket and pull up/down  my pants and underwear.  I can put on my own shoes and I know which one go on the right foot
  • I can sing the words of my favorite songs
  • I am drawing lines instead of just stabbing the pen/crayon onto the paper
  • Asking nicely for things.  Mommy won’t give me anything unless I ask nicely for it.  She says that I need to use my “manners”.  Why?

What I’m doing now:

  • I seem to be spending more time in Time Out.  Mommy bought a new toy for herself; she calls it an egg timer.  When I am in Time Out, she says that I can’t move until I hear the bell ring
  • Fighting my nap.  I don’t like sleeping during the day because I know mommy and daddy (or the other kids in daycare) are doing other things when I am sleeping.  Not fair!
  • Learning what the superheroes do
  • Copying everything that people say or do.  Mommy and daddy are trying to trick me by spelling out words rather than saying them.  No fair!  they know I don’t get that yet!
  • Testing limits.  I know that I’m not supposed to bite but sometimes I want attention too!
  • Lots and lots of singing.  I know the words to lots of songs and sing with them.  Mommy and daddy love it!
  • Learning how to wait my turn when people speak.  But I have something I want to say NOW!

My favorite things right now:

  • Mommy
  • Bossing people around
  • Elmo; always Elmo
  • My Snow White and Pinocchio books
  • Coloring, drawing and painting
  • Reading
  • Caillou
  • Putting people and my babies in Time Out
  • Daddy’s new toy (iPad)
  • Superheros, especially Spiderman and The Hulk
  • Spiderman song
  • Serving tea and cooking for mommy and daddy
  • Taking care of my babies.  They cry a lot
  • Going grocery shopping.  I got a new bag from cousin Hanna and I fill it up with all of my food, phones and toys
  • Strawberries and Fasghetti
  • Going to Grandma and Pappa’s house to see all of my cousins.  I love running around the house with them
  • Eating off of everyone’s plate
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