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April 21, 2010

I’m so fucking happy right now.  Actually, I’ve been happy since yesterday.  Let me tell you why.

1.  Since meeting Andrea from Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics, we’ve had several email convos and she informed me about the Mommy Soiree going on this weekend.  I tried to get a booth for Dreamy Babies but unfortunately, I missed the deadline however, the organizer told me that she would include my marketing material into the 250 swag bags for free (since my service is free to the public) and she was helping a sista out. Can I get a w00t w00t!  The catch:  I had to get my stuff to her by Thurs April 22.  It was Tuesday April 20 when she told me which meant that I had 2 days to get my shit together.  It would have made it much easier if I already had marketing material but I had jack shit.  So I phoned up Mikey and begged him to whip something up for me; never mind that his wedding is oh, A WEEK AWAY – thanks Mikey, I owe you BIG time.

2.  I got the following email from Andrea after submitting this story:

I love it! I have a new colour called “you never go back” and I think that is the story for it! Hope that is good with you

I’m going to have a nail color named after my story. HOLLA!!!

3.  Mikey, with his creative genius, schooled me in Marketing Basics 101.  He suggested a 5×7 flyer on 12pt. cardstock that he would design.  I had to come up with content and send it to him so he could complete the project but really, I might as well have handed him a blank paper because he probably thought “WTF?!” when he received the bullshit that I called my Marketing Material.  So he prettied it up for me (read: totally re-did it and way better) and then sent me a proof.  Who am I to dispute creative talent when clearly I have none so I have him the go-ahead and he did what he does best.

4.  I called around the city for printing companies who would print my stuff and for cheap.  Found one:  The Printing House in Richmond Hill.  Called them up, sweet-talked the guy and he priced 350 5×7 copies, 12pt cardstock, full color, double-sided, glossy finish for $123.50.  Oh yeah!

All that awesomeness happened yesterday.  As if it couldn’t get any better, today went like this:

1.  What started out to be a regular day (at work, bleh) turned into an awesome day when I got a phone call from Jenny who lives in SoCal.  I’ve been helping her with her baby’s sleep and for the first time in 9mos, he slept for most of the night.  No night wakings, no screaming, no nothing…. just pure, wonderful, sleeping silence.

2.  Then, I got an email from Lisa who lives in Australia telling me how her baby is also sleeping much better overall.  Wicked.

3.  Natasha, who lives in Bermuda, is a friend from grade school and her baby is doing amazing as well.  She’s just starting to help her baby with naps and it’s going pretty well considering it was only her first day.    Ok, that’s 3 happy mommies!

4.  As if this day couldn’t get any better, Mikey told me that everything was ready to go with regards to my flyers for the Mommy Soiree swag bags so he uploaded the file and I picked them up (they look wicked by the way) and sent them off.  Check it:

The Flyer. Sorry for the shitty picture quality - taken with my blackberry camera (too lazy to use the digi)

5.  La Piece de Resistance?  I get home this afternoon (it was also an amazing, sunny, warm day) to find a package waiting for me at the post office.  This is what I find:

La Mer Gift Box

I won’t even begin to tell you what I bought in order to get this but I found out about this “gift with purchase” at the time of purchase and because I was being extorted for such a ridiculous amount of money, I get this fancy box, an actual gift with purchase inside this gift with purchase AND $175 in Holt Renfrew gift cards!  Oh, and they sent me some silly thank-you card but this box, the swag the gift cards are WAY better!  I LOVE SWAG!  I guess you can say I’m a Swag Hag.

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  1. April 21, 2010 11:43 pm

    Wow! You are on a lucky streak!! So many good things happening for you. I’m glad to hear that your dreamybabies site is doing so well and helping out mommies in need of advice.

    Mikey is a doll for helping you despite is busy schedulle. It pays to have friends who have the expertise in graphic design.

    I can’t wait to see your story on Cheeky Monkey’s site and see what the polish looks like.

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