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Book Review + Random Update

April 11, 2010

I’ve been jumping around lately and currently reading about 3 books.  The first book that’s half done is Shanghai Girls which is a good book but then I got caught up in reading Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems by Dr. Richard Ferber – you know, the guy who is famous for the self-named sleep training method “Ferberizing”.  I started reading his book for research purposes, understand his theories around infant sleep patterns and the sleep studies he conducted in addition to seeing if there are any parallels to Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s theories and sleep studies.  You can read my short book review on these two books at my baby site Dreamy Babies.

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

But now for my real book review:  Shutter Island. I’ve never heard of this book until the trailer for the movie came out and bought it on a whim while I was at Costco.  I buy a lot of things on a whim at Costco so to those if you who don’t have a Costco membership, DON’T GET ONE because the moment you do, you might as well mail your wallet and credit cards to Costco because that’s how you’ll feel every time you come out from that place.   But this isn’t about Costco’s marketing genius and their ability to suck the money right out of your pocket – it’s about my review of this dark, mysterious book.  I’m only halfway through but so far, it’s keeping me glued.  I didn’t realize that the author also wrote Mystic River which I also read and loved so naturally, as is always my pattern when I find a good book, I will seek out the other books he wrote and read them too.  I will not watch the movie because I heard it’s really disturbing and dark and although the book is somewhat similar, I prefer reading books to watching the movie because let’s face it, movies always bastardize the books.

2 US Marshalls – Teddy and Chuck – have been summoned to Shutter Island, home of  Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane to investigate the disappearance of Rachel Solando, a murderer who has been committed to the hospital.    Shutter Island is an isolated, barren land surrounded by choppy waters and pretty much uninhabitable.  Sort of like Alcatraz.  Set in 1954, the story tells of Teddy and Chuck’s past, how they came to become US Marshalls (more focusing on Teddy so far) with fleeting insight to Teddy’s time as a war veteran, his alcoholic tendencies and the guilt that he carries over the death of his wife.  Without giving too much away, this dark and mysterious novel keeps you turning the page because you know something’s up with the hospital.  You know the staff just.isn’t.right and you know that this place is more than just a psychiatric hospital.  The question is what.  The staff are creepy, the patients seem sane yet insane and almost… coached.  Needless to say, I plan on finishing this book in the next couple of days because I have to find out what the fuck is up with this place.

I brought Shutter Island to the spa so I can read and relax during my pedicure and I was so captivated by the book that when the aesthetician – who was so nice and kind – started to annoy me with her small talk.  I know that’s mean because I’m usually very polite and social during pedicures but when I get into a book, I really get into a book and anything that distracts me from reading irritates me.  In case you’re wondering, I wasn’t a rude biatch – I did close my book (most of the time) and talked to her.

So back to my spa day with Miss. Rowena.  It was awesome – plain and simple.  We met up for lunch at a Korean Restaurant and we stuffed our faces with yummy Kalbi and rice, kimchi fried rice and all those neat little dishes they give you as appetizers.  Then we were off to Holtz Spa at the Hilton Hotel and let me just say that for a local spa, it’s pretty damn good.  I’ve been going there for quite some time since I have gotten too lazy to drive my ass downtown.  I had an 80mins massage followed by a 1hr pedicure.  Ro was so relaxed that she spontaneously booked herself in for a pedi as well.  My RMT was so good that when I fell asleep, I made that “humingrahkdkjngiong!” sound (you know, that weird moan/snort sound just as you’re drifting off into deep sleep) and not only did I startle him but I woke myself up.  Embarrassed, I mumbled an apology after he asked me what was wrong.  The massage was so incredible that I was disoriented when I came out of the room and I had fabric lines in my face.  Oh and I learned from my mistake last time to wear well-fitting underwear so as not to expose my pink taco again.  I am pretty sure that he got a little peep show the last time I saw him because I was wearing my comfy, raggedy underwear with the worn-out elastic.  I made sure that I wore my boy-short underwear so no matter which way he stretched my legs, my taco was safe from his eyes.

Work has also been keeping me busy.  With the project kicking off and a slew of executive meetings, I actually have to dress up in monkey suits when I see them and, well, work.  I was hoping to coast as much as possible so I can work on my baby site but unfortunately, I have to use my brain for most of the day; after all, I cannot disappoint my director.  I am normally a very hard worker but since I’m trying to launch my site, it’s hard to keep my head in the game.

I am also happy to say that I helped a co-worker get his son to start sleeping through the night.  His little boy – 2yrs old – was waking up in the middle of the night and calling out to them and in order to get him to sleep, they would bring him into their bed.  Well, this created a night-waking habit and if they relented, he would scream and cry.  After he told me what was going on, I presented him with a plan to encourage his son to stay in his crib, involve his son with the new sleep plan and mentioned that in order for it to work, both he and his wife had to be consistent.   I also mentioned that it might be a bit rough for the first few nights as his son adjusted to the new sleep routine.  After 2 nights, his son started sleeping through the night and has been since.  Hooray!

I’ve also acquired 2 new ‘clients’ – one in Australia and one local – who are having some trouble with their baby’s sleep.  Let me remind you that I’m doing this all for free and I don’t mind at all.  I love doing this and if it helps one parent and their baby, then I have accomplished my goal.  Now if I can just attract some online advertisers…..

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