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So busy….

March 26, 2010

I feel terrible that I’m neglecting this blog.  I’ve been so focused on my baby blog that I’ve cast this one aside like an old shoe.  For that I am sorry.  What turned out to be one blog about everything on my mind and in my life, morphed into two sites that is making it difficult to maintain.  The series that I’ve created (photo Fridays, Random Tuesdays etc) are fun and I love writing them but I want to get my other site up and going and I populating the site with relevant content in a professional and readable format and structure is proving to take up a lot more time than I expected.   It doesn’t help that my real job is getting in the way.  I am seriously thinking of consulting for only 6mos and then terminating my contract to take more time off to dedicate to my site.
Anyhow, I do miss blogging on this site so perhaps this weekend, I will update with Photo Friday (which I found some GREAT pics LOL).  In the mean time, come and support me at Dreamy Babies and comment, email me … do whatever …. just drop by (yes, shameless plug again).

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