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I’m Not MIA

March 21, 2010

… well sort of.  I have been more focused on my Dreamy Babies site and posting article after article to get it up and running.  Notice how I’m using the term “article” instead of “post” because I’m trying to sound all professional.  The reality is that I’m trying to start a online business out of this because after months and months of research, I’ve yet to find a site that tells mothers exactly what to do without having to pay for the advice.  Every site I’ve come across is either a blog written by a mom describing her day or you have to pay for the advice.  There isn’t one site that’s free which has the information I’m looking for and step-by-step instruction on how to do it.  When you’re a first-time-mom struggling and desperate to get your baby to sleep or trying to figure out why your baby isn’t sleeping anymore, it’s tiring to search and sift through sites and articles trying to find The Answer.  So hopefully my site will be That Answer.

I took the plunge yesterday and registered my domain name.  It’s not up yet because I’d like to get more traffic before I actually pay for hosting fees and officially launch my site but my domain is  I decided to go with a .ca extension because a  .com extension is more expensive.  With extensions such as .com, .net, .org or whatever, you have to pay forthe privacy WHOIS feature which protects your informatin from those looking in the WHOIS database.  See how much I’ve learned about domains and setup over the course of one day?  You would think that I would know more considering I worked in the web industry for a while but I can’t remember have the stuff I did.  Actually, I wasn’t really on the technical side (more layout and design requirements) so I believe I have a right to be excused.  If you click on my link, you will see an “under construction” site so I think I better point my domain to my wordpress site for now.

In the mean time, I’ll fill you in on what’s been happening lately.

I started working again last week Thursday (boo-urns) but the first day at work is all about admin bullshit and it took me over 3hrs to get my computer on the company network.  I suppose it wouldn’t have taken me that long but I used that excuse to not start any work because I was busy updating my baby site.  Then when I had to do some work, I used the excuse that I couldn’t access the project domain (I really couldn’t and had to open up a help desk ticket) to have more time to work on my site.  I did however, do the due diligence of finding other ways to access the project information but that didn’t work so I declared that there was nothing I could do but wait for Help Desk to get back to me with a resolution.   Which meant more time for me to update my site.  Friday was no different hence more time to work on my site.  Monday however, won’t be like that as I’ll actually need to do work-work because the project kick-off is on Tuesday.  Mind you, I still don’t have access to any project information so Help Desk better be on par and resolve my ticket asap.

Kayla is doing well at full time daycare.  Her naps haven’t been that great but that’s because Marian took on another baby (10mos) who cries the entire time she’s there.  Sam has been acting up because he’s out of his routine (Sam has autism) and with the baby crying; Sam adjusting to the different routine, no one is sleeping and it was a rough week for everyone.  Kayla fared pretty well even though she slept badly for a few days – she’s usually good even with shitty sleep  and on one of the days when I went to pick her up, all the kids were tired and crying and there was Kayla on the rocking horse, having a grand ol’ time; smiling and laughing and yelled “HI MOMMY!” when she saw me.  The only drama she gave was not wanting to go home so she did her “Kayla Special” (where she goes limp and tries to sink to the ground and says “nooooooooo!”.  The work-life balance hasn’t been too bad so far but then again, it’s only been 2 days of work.  It’s a good thing DH is in the same office so if I have to work late (like I did on Friday), he can pick her up at 4:30pm.   We just switch cars but that means I have to drive home in traffic using stick.  Ugh.

Other than that, I’ve been directing my attention to my new site and trying to get that going.  I’ve been thinking of ways to market this as well because the first thing I need to do is increase readership and traffic so needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of free work.  Right now, I’m helping this really nice lady who lives in Australia sort out her baby’s sleep issues.  My support is done through email since we have no other way of communicating considering our time zones are completely different.   It’s been workable so far and I suppose I could use Skype but like I said, she’s awake when I’m asleep and vice versa.  It’s actually quite rewarding and I don’t even care about the fact that this is all free.

So help a sista out and plug my site please.  Tell friends and family who are pregnant or are struggling with their baby’s sleep (or any other issue baby-related).  Kalya’s been giving me a run for my money with her attitude these days (terrible two’s) so I’m quickly gaining experience in that department!  Yes, I am asking for free marketing and a shameless plug on your blogs.  Please list my site under your BlogRoll ( please and thank you!

OK, my little monkey is awake so I’m going to get her and smother her with hugs and kisses.

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  1. March 23, 2010 10:35 am

    Busy busy! Congrats on the growing success of your Dreamy Babies site. I’ll put it up on my blog roll too.

    • March 23, 2010 4:14 pm

      thanks Steph! i need all the plugs i can get! 🙂

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