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Photo Fridays: Montreal – May 24 long weekend 1999

March 19, 2010

can't remember what restaurant we were in

now that i think about it, this series is like my Throwback Thursdays but more fun.  and to-the-point.  i think i will get rid of Throwback and replace it with Photos because it seems redundant.

i had a ton of fun digging up pics for this series.  i decided not to censor today’s pictures because we were all just having a little harmless fun as all early 20-somethings do.  no drugs, no alcohol – just a bunch of friends who decided to take a spontaneous trip to montreal on may 24 long weekend in 1999.  yes, you read that right:  1999!  over 10yrs ago!

i can’t even remember who organized this trip or whose idea it was.  all i know is that our group ran in huge circles and our motto was: the more the merrier.  some of these people i just met on the trip; others were close friends.

a bunch of us stayed at a house owned (or rented?) by a friend’s friend who was out of town for that weekend.  how he trusted a bunch of 20-somethings to his place for a long weekend was beyond me so he must’ve been a really good friend.  our main goal that weekend was to head over to a rave that was at the olympic stadium.  i want to say the party was called Black and Blue but i’m not sure if that was it.  i know it had the name “blue” in it but montreal puts on 2 huge parties – a summer one that everyone goes to and another one that only gay guys go to.  i don’t recall it being a sausage fest so it probably wasn’t the latter.

you would think – based on our table being riddled with empty beer mugs and pitchers – we were out for dinner but i’m pretty sure we were actually having lunch.  there’s nothing better than downing several pitchers of beer at 12 in the afternoon and then cementing the montrealers’ idea that torontonians are nothing but assholes as we stumbled through the streets of st.catherines bellowing and cursing and being all torontonian-like.

Sonar Night Club (or was it Sonic?)

i don’t remember what night this was (must have been a saturday) but i think someone got us on the guest list for sonar nightclub.  or maybe it was sonic nightclub – i really can’t remember.  i don’t think we had a good time otherwise i probably would’ve taken more pictures and this was the only one i could find.  mind you, i might have lost the film. back in 1999, digital cameras weren’t popular with the masses as they are now, nor were they cheap so we dragged around our clunky 35mm that never fit into anyone’s pocket or purse because it was so fucking big. again, i didn’t bother to censor out the faces because we are all just having fun here; some more than others ;-).  i don’t know the guy in the far right in the background nor was he with our group.  i think he just wanted to get photographed with a bunch of frolicky asians acting as if we owned the place.   scarborough massive brrapp!  brrapp!  i don’t know why i wrote that given i have lived in markham most of my life but the phrase just seemed fitting with this picture.

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  1. March 20, 2010 10:56 pm

    I remember this weekend. This was my second time to Montreal and I went with some of the BC Crew – there was two cars – nine or ten of us in total (me, RP, GA, CQ, JT, ML, RM, CL and DN, I think another person but I can’t remember, I am thinking MJ). We happen to be going the same weekend as you and your friends. We stayed at a hotel by the airport and some of you guys were staying at Mr. E’s sister’s friend’s house and others were staying at a suite downtown. You guys were down in Montreal to go to a rave while we were just there for a weekend getaway. Friday night, we all went to Peel Pub, yes, that place that recycles their beer, hence in the picture all the beer pitchers.

    Another night we went to a club that looked like an underground cave. Not sure if you guys were with us but that was the night where DN got trashed and fell asleep by the bar on a couch and ended up puking in a cup. That’s how he got his DJ name, DJ Cup-a-Puke. This was also the same night that JT got kicked out and thrown onto the street by a bouncer. Our crew was searching all over the club for him. Finally when we couldn’t find him, we went back to the car and found him crashed inside. He managed to find his way from a back alley to the car in his drunken state.

    That club picture you have…we all went to Stereo. That is when I discovered that speakers were an awesome place to hang out. It’s also the night when FdG fell asleep between two guys in the lounge area of the club. This was an awesome night.

    So, I hope that I filled in the blanks for you. It’s hard to remember things that happened 10 years ago but I remember this weekend like it was yesterday. The BC Crew talk about it all the time. It was so much fun to have spent a weekend with some many of us all in a different city, all there for different reasons but together to party!

  2. March 21, 2010 6:21 am

    hahaha! thanks for the refresher Leesh! now that you say it, it’s all coming back to me. We had a great time. And why does everyone else seem to remember the details of this weekend except me??

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