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Photo Fridays: GNO 1999

March 12, 2010

a lot happened in 1999 as i’m starting to see based on these posts.  either that, or i just started taking more pictures to capture some memories.  you know you’re getting old when you start thinking about the future and wanting something to look at as you approach the age of decrepitness.

Courthouse, GNO 1999

this picture was taken from the girls first Girls Night Out or as we call it: GNO.   the goal:  to get all gussied up, exchange little gifts with each other and have fun.  we ended up at the courthouse and then skybar to dance the night away.  this picture here is with the preliminary girls; a lot more joined the group at skybar and i could have sworn that i took a picture with the entire group – there was maybe 20-25 girls in total who were part of this festive event.

do you see how ho’d up i am?  this was the year that i was able to wear such outfits and felt no way about it.  looking at my skirt, you can see that i clearly didn’t appreciate how short it was because it also had a slit up the side. actually, i think it had a slit on both sides.  obviously, it wasn’t slutty enough for me therefore i had to wear a see-through top which, in this picture, appears that i am not wearing a bra.  i do not recall this bonus feature of this top when i first tried it on or bought it.  seeing this picture now, i am quite embarrassed.  maybe i should censor my face in this picture!  i guess i missed the memo on the dress-code for that night.

inside Guvernment Night Club

i must have realized that you can see through my top like an x-ray which could be the reason i am hiding in the back.  maybe i did have some dignity back then after all.  nevertheless, it was a fun night.  it was ‘no boys allowed’ so any boyfriends, fiancees, potential hook-ups were not allowed near the group.  actually, i think it was a rule that the men we were with were not allowed in the vicinity of the night club.  DH – who i had just met the same year – ended up at the same club as us so we did sneak away a few times but i think NS caught us and ratted me out!

i don’t remember much from this night mainly because it was so long ago.   we have kept up GNO over the years although recently, we sort of forgot about it.  what, with the weddings, babies, getting on with our lives and the fact that we’re not young, vibrant, energy-filled 20-somethings anymore but tired, overworked, under-slept 30-somethings who would rather read in bed and go to sleep at a decent hour.  looking at these pics do bring back great memories.  i should’ve started this series long ago.

bloggers:  feel free to blog about past pictures!  it’ll be fun!

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  1. March 12, 2010 9:37 am

    Hilarious. You’ve inspired me to dig up some old pictures too. I’ve got some good ones, I’m sure. I’ll have to say that the ability to go bra-less back in 1999 was very naively under-appreciated by the 23 year old me. My boobies are older now, and are no longer the perky, buoyant friends they were to me back then.

    • March 12, 2010 1:24 pm

      ha! post them! it’ll be funny. I have to install the driver for my scanner onto my shitty desktop so i can scan some other pics i found of us at Milanos! remember that place? 😀

      • March 12, 2010 1:49 pm

        Milanos?! Of COURSE I remember Milanos! I miss Milanos.

        It’s pretty funny, because a lot of my pictures from back then seem to be from G-Spot, much like the one that you posted!

      • March 13, 2010 2:08 pm

        post them!

  2. March 15, 2010 9:00 pm

    OMFG!!! I remember this night and boy do I ever remember that leopard print skirt. Damn was it ever short. I can’t believe that with one move and I may have pulled a Britney.

    I will look around to see if I have any photos…well, I do have photos but I don’t have a scanner.

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