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sorry to ignore you and free giveaway!

March 9, 2010

i have been ignoring my blogs because my baby is sick and when i mean sick, i mean omigod, she’s really sick and of course, my number one priority is my little monkey.  when you have a sick baby on your hands your whole world comes to a screeching halt and everything suddenly slides into Low Priority.  The house has been left unkempt (well, even more so than usual), laundry is piling up, bills have been forgotten (ugh, now i have to pay those late fees) and packages i promised to send are still sitting in my foyer.  sorry leesh, your skincare samples will be in the mail by end of this week.

she caught something from daycare just a week after she got over her other cold.  with everyone at daycare sick, coughing in her face and sharing toys and DH sick, it was only a matter of time.  it started last week thursday and thank God for mother’s instinct because i took her to the doctor that afternoon and got some meds because her temperature shot up to 104F!  that scared the hell out of me because i didn’t know whether to put her to sleep or not even though she clearly wanted to sleep.  now i know how my mom felt all those times i was really sick when i was a kid.  when your baby is sick, you will do ANYTHING to make her feel better.  her naps have been shit so i went in and lay down with her.  i’m talking about ripping her mattress out of her crib, laying it on the floor and laying beside her.  that was never in my sleep ‘rulebook’ but i did it anyway because she’s my baby and i feel so bad when she’s sick like this.

so to say the least, i haven’t had any time to blog. i also haven’t been getting much sleep because she’s woken up a few times in the middle of the night because her nose is stuffed or her fever is high.  her skin was so hot that when i applied a cool cloth on her feet and forhead, she cried because it hurt.  poor thing.  she is a trooper though – even with a high fever and major congestion that has now turned into a coughing fit, she still laughs and jokes and runs around.

let me see… what’s happened so far…. oh, i think i might have to start work next week.  boo-urns.  my former director postponed a project that he wanted me to lead until march 15 when i told him i’d be available and now that the date’s pretty much here, i so don’t want to work.  what i wanted to do was put kayla in full time daycare for 1 week while i was at home because i know she’ll have sleep issues and i wanted to work her schedule out before i went back to the office.  but now that she’s sick, i can’t put her in full time let alone just sending her there so i’m really hoping that i can delay my start date.  just the thought of having to deal with traffic and getting up, getting dressed for work etc etc makes me tired.  i guess taking a nearly-two year break really makes you lazy.

on a more fun note, i went to holt renfrew for a few face products and ended up getting a slight make-over and bought some stuff.  when i mean slight make-over, i mean i sat in that chair for 40mins while the consultant put on wonderful makeup on my corpse-looking face.  damn laura mercier and her fab products!  i will write another post reviewing the stuff i bought but i am sort of having buyer’s remorse because of the ridiculous amount of money i spent so i’m trying to ignore the products and deciding if i should return them.  i also realized that i have a sephora gift certificate but i’m too lazy to go all the way back to yorkdale to return everything.  i wish they would build a holts in markham.  there’s a huge piece of undeveloped land just around the corner from my house – they could build it there… it would make my life a LOT easier.

on an even funner note, i decided that i’m going to send one lucky commenter a few free samples of my skincare arsenal.  i get a lot of samples because of all the expensive stuff i buy (dammit, i should for the amount of money i spend!) so once a month, i will send someone a few samples that i use or i think would be good for their skin.  i am no beauty expert but i’m certainly aware of what you should put on your face depending on your skin type.  oh, and in return, i only ask for a shameless plug on twitter and your blog (if you have one).  i don’t get many commenters anyway so that increases your chances to get free stuff and who doesn’t like free stuff???

i also became a community leader of my sleep forums again.  i was the CL last year but stepped down because i was all fucked up but now that i’m better, i re-applied and got accepted.  i don’t get paid or anything but it’s just for the enjoyment of helping other moms out there who are desperate to get their baby to sleep better.   come visit me if you want and ask any baby questions you have.  it doesn’t have to be about sleep – anything baby-related!  no judgement on this site (not like that other bullshit site that i still have to lurk for some twisted reason).

my cousin moved into a house the next street over which is great.  there’s a path from my street to hers so i just mosey on over there and it literally takes me under one minute to walk there.  i love it when people live near me because playdates are so much easier.  we grew up together and her sisters are over there all the time with their kids so now kayla has people to play with.  a high school friend lives right across the street from me and her twins are just 2mos younger than kayla so we have play dates all the time.  well, not recently because ever since they started daycare on jan 14, they’ve been sick since!  poor things.  daycare is such a cess pool of infections!

i am also in the midst of planning kayla’s 2yr birthday party.  can you believe my little monkey is going to be two years old.  i swear, when she was a baby and i was going through all that bullshit, i never thought i’d get here.  but here i am and loving it.   yes, it’s a few months away (june) but i’m so exicted that i’m starting to look for stuff now.  i’m pretty sure i’m going with an elmo theme because she’s crazy obsessed with elmo but it’s so hard to find elmo-anything!  i’ve checked about 4 dollarama stores for elmo paper plates/napkins/table cloths etc or sesame street invites but nothing!  not even walmart carries a big selection of stuff.

last night was my first night of my lower-dose anti-depressants.  after my 6mos re-evaluation, my psychiatrist said that i’ve made great progress and he’s weaning me off my meds.  i am a bit nervous because i don’t want to go back to The Bad Place but i also don’t want to be on meds forever.  so, i’ve started acupuncture again and i think i’m probably going to start taking some light chinese herbs that my acupuncturist recommended as she has experience treating people who are/have suffered from depression.  at least now, i know what my ‘triggers’ are and i know what will tip me over the edge.  my doc is confident that i’ll be perfectly find once i’m off the meds but last year scared the shit out of me and i never want to feel that way again.  so if you see me going crazy or acting weird, you know why.

ok that’s enough randomness for now.  i better go pay attention to my husband because he’s sick too.  yes, that means i have 2 babies to take care of.


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