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shameless plug – help a sista out.

March 3, 2010

early this morning – like, 4:30am early! – as i lay awake in bed, i thought about why i’m up so fucking early when everyone in my house was asleep.  most times, i don’t mind lying around like this because i get to let my mind wander and relax before i start my day but today, i was trying to figure out what i wanted to do with my life.  i’m sure all of you have been here at one point or another; contemplating if what we currently do at work is what we want to do for the rest of our lives.  i suppose this was brought on by the fact that i may end up going to back to work in a couple of weeks – something that i’m happy yet unhappy about.  happy, because i do like working there and doing what i’m doing but unhappy because well, i just don’t  want to go back to work!  also because i’ve been in the I.T. field for so long that i’m starting to feel the wanderlust.

since kayla was born, i’ve been through a lot and things have changed for me.  i used to get all excited about geek stuff like fixing sytems or manging projects or anything computer-related.  now, my interests have shifted from geekified to babyfied.  i find myself drawn to helping other parents with their kids especially in the sleep department because let’s face it – all mothers have been down the road of sleep deprivation a million times over and some are still stumbling down that path because when you have kids, you never really get a good night’s sleep.  ever.   there’s always something that disrupts your baby’s sleep like colds, teething, general restlessness, nightmares, developmental milestones, moving, vacation… and a whole bunch of other stuff that many parents are struggling through or have yet to struggle through.

i’m not a baby expert, but i do know a lot about sleep.  i’ve been obsessing for over 20mos with kayla’s sleep so i better damn well know what i’m talking about!  because of my endless research and quest to find out all i can about baby sleep, i have amassed so much information about this topic that i want to share this with other parents or parents-to-be.  i wish when i was stumbling through the first few months of kayla’s life, i had someone who had this much information so i decided to help others who are or will be in the same boat as i was.

i have already helped 3 parents sucussessfully sleep train their babies and i’m also giving advice via email to other friends who are currently having sleep issues with their little ones.    i’ve also reapplied as the Community Leader for the sleep forum i visit (i was the CL last year but decided to step down when the  depression got the better of me) and i love helping other moms with sleepless babies because i’ve been there before and i know how much it sucks.  could this be my new calling?

by no means is kayla a dream sleeper.  in fact, she’s the exact opposite.  her sleep is so unpredictable because she’ll give me awesome sleep one week and the following week, crapolla sleep.  and it’s not like anything changes from our routine either;  she just doesn’t like to sleep much, nor does she need much of it which is incredibly frustrating because just when i think we’ve finally settled down into a good pattern, it goes off kilter.  what i have learned though, is to accept it for what it is (for the most part) and she’s just being a busy toddler in a world of new and exciting things, where sleep just doesn’t fit into the cards.  i can’t force her to do something she doesn’t want to do and the only thing i can do is give her every opportunity to sleep.  as they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

so who knows what i’ll do with this new passion.  in the mean time, i’ll just keep on doing what i’m doing which is helping others.  this is why you don’t see any more baby stuff on this blog – i’ve actually started a new one dedicated only to baby stuff – which means all that will be left are my random thoughts and trucker-mouth language.  works for you, right?

however, what i can ask you dear readers, is please plug my new baby blog on your blog so i can get some hits.  you at least owe me that for the entertaining shit i post.    spread the word before i start charging for my baby advice services 😉


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