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Random Tuesdays

February 23, 2010

i haven’t blogged in a while.  usually when i find a new internet hobby, i am consumed by it and i will spend countless hours on the computer.  before it was blogging, now it’s this new baby site i found.  there are a lot of really ignorant people on this site and i’m not talking about baby-stuff ignorant but as in the kind of i-feel-i-need-to-put-them-in-their-place type of ignorance.

when i encounter such people, i generally ignore them and move along because they’re not worth my time.  these bunch of asshats are actually saying hurtful things and yes, it’s on a forum so who really cares right?  well, for some reason it rubs me the wrong way because these poor women come on this forum begging and desperate for help and these bitchy ‘i am holier than thou’ c-u-next-tuesdays do nothing but say such hateful words.  i know how hard it is to be a mother and i feel such compassion for these desperate women because i have been in their shoes before.  no one seems to be standing up to these anonymous assholes so i will.  that’s why i haven’t been blogging because i’ve been somewhat patrolling this site.   ok so i’ve been constantly lurking, so what?  it’s not my responsiblity but for some reason, i have  made it my responsibility.  seriously, i should get paid for this job.

on another note, big company is still trying to get me on board.  actually, i’m talking to the PM right now.  they’re trying to convince me to reconsider my decision and re-instated the hourly rate we originally negotiated in addition to me starting mid-march.   i have not committed to anything rather, i am just saying that i will think about it when in fact i probably won’t take it… although the money is really really good…. fuck i hate this.

so kayla has gotten better from her cold but will probably catch another one because her daycare buddies are sick.  roland came in with a cough yesterday and sam also has a cold.  so does the daycare provider.  with roland coughing in kayla’s face, marian taking care of all of them, it’s a guarantee that kayla’s going to get sick again.  just great.  oh, i think i’m getting sick too.  last night i was so tired at 930pm and by 945pm i was out.  i usually am the last one to go to sleep in my house but last night i crashed.  i am old.

ok this post is boring.  i have nothing else to say.  i’m going to watch 24. toodles

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  1. February 23, 2010 2:43 pm

    24 was good last night. I was enjoying more airtime for Agent Ortiz but I am getting annoyed with his accent. FPJr. doesn’t have that accent. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the episode!

  2. February 24, 2010 11:20 am

    24, while good, still makes me laugh. how can jack bauer still be running around after being stabbed like that? AND he used that knife to kill that other guy. AND he withstood torture with thumb in wound and everything. what about internal bleeding? sepsis? surely that russian bad guy had dirty hands when he thumbed jack’s wound??

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