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i do not like shady deals

February 19, 2010

i am not going to work next month with Big Conglomerate (i will call them “BC” for the sake of this post).  here’s the dilly-o:

early last week, i received a call from BC indicating that they got my name from their VP who used to work with me during  my previous contact.  what started as a question regarding when i was planning on going back to work ended up being a phone interview with a face-to-face meeting scheduled with the PM and program manager a couple of days after.  went to the meeting, talked about the project on which they’re embarking and when all was said and done, they asked what my charge rate is, i told them, they agreed and said all was good and told me to stop looking for other contracts because they were going to expedite the paperwork through their contracting company.

per my previous post, i received an email from the program manager indicating that they have pushed the paperwork through and i should be receiving a call or some info from the contracting company.  i tried to get them to confirm the rate via email and they danced around it, stating that it’s up to the contracting company to determine that.  i have had to go through several contracting companies during all of my years as a consultant and i have never heard of this.  but whatever – BC runs their business how they run their business – but i made it perfectly clear that my take home rate is $X and whatever the contracting company charges on top of that is not my business but for BC and contracting company to work out.  they said all was good.

so today at 10:30am while i was shopping at old navy (btw, all jeans are on sale for $19 for adults, $10 for kids + a bunch of other sales like tshirts for $4-5 and tanks/camis for like, $7) i got a call from the contracting company stating that my take home rate has changed and that i would have to absorb the service fees.  oh and another doozy:  in order for me to start on monday, i need to sign the contract today.  i was like: dude, it’s 10:30am and it’s friday – you dump this on me and expect me to sign in a few hours?  whatevs.

apparently, this is BC’s policy – to make all contractors absorb the service fees which i have never heard of.  i am no business major but i do know that it is not the contractor’s responsibility to pay for these service fees; otherwise i would just go freelance but they are forcing me to go through this contracting company.  i know for a fact that all big companies who use contractors pay a service fee for the resources but it is not the responsibility of the contractor to pay that fee.  if this were the case, all contractors would quit and go freelance because that is so bullshit.

so needless to say, i am pretty pissed off; not because i am eating what turns out to be a few bucks off my hourly rate but i do not appreciate the shady way they went about it.  they failed to inform me during our meeting/interview of this “policy” which if i had known, i would have been open to further negotiation but since they’re pulling this shit, i’m pulling out.  i haven’t even started working and already they’re dicking me around. how can they expect me to make arrangements on a friday to have someone take care of kayla while i skip on downtown on monday to do their bidding?  i think not.   how can they expect me to make this decision in a few hours that will ultimately lock me in for 1-2yrs.  whatever.

i emailed the contacts at BC as well as the contracting company notifiying them and dude at contracting company was surprised that i declined.  then he started back-peddaling saying that they were talking about pushing the start date back to what i originally wanted and tried to ‘educate’ me on contracting agency fees and who pays for what etc etc.  i’m like: dude, i’ve been doing this for almost 10yrs, i have been with several large contracting agencies, i know how it works.  i didn’t say it like that – give me some credit here, i AM a professional – but that was basically the message.  then he says: well, this industry is small, we may run into each other some time.  <– is that a threat?  like “oh, if i ever see your name, you can bet i’m doing to slander you all ways till sunday!”  whatevs.

so now, i am back to not having to go back work which i am secretly happy but sadly, my bank account is not and neither is DH. you know, i probably would have signed the contract if they were upfront with me from the beginning.  it’s no wonder they danced around my emails asking for rate confirmation.  i don’t like shady deals.   i hate it when big companies expect that you’ll jump at any opportunity and expect you to happily take it up the ass.  i am not like that.   if you try and fuck me, i will turn around and fuck you right back.  when it comes to business, i am pretty transparent – i state what i want and am open to negotiation but if people are shady, homey don’t play dat.   if they are doing this even before anything is signed, i cannot imagine how shafted i probably would have gotten when i started working there.

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  1. February 19, 2010 3:18 pm

    I’m sorry that this didn’t work out for you. However, good on you for standing your ground like that. If you had accepted this fuckery even before beginning a second of work for them, I can’t imagine how much of it you’d have to deal with while on the job. Congratulations. Something better will come along.

    • February 21, 2010 9:29 pm

      thanks steph. i’m glad i said no because i just talked to a friend of mine who knows people at the same company and she said it sucks big time.

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