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back to the grind

February 17, 2010

soooo it seems that i have to go back to work on march 15.  while i should be happy, i’m not.  in fact, when i got the email notifying me of the offer, i said “fuck“.  they agreed to all of my terms and conditions (…i think – i’ll know more when i see the official contract end of this week or early next)  so i really can’t complain.  i know i should be thankful that i didn’t have go out and search for this contract but seriously, i really don’t feel like going back to work.  after all the shit i went through last year, i am finally feeling better and it feels like i just started my mat leave and now i have to go back to work!  suckage!!

the company isn’t bad;  it’s your typical corporate conglomerate with lots of politcs, red tape, no processes and people/projects out of control.  they are embarking on a very large project for the second time which to me, translates as “they better fucking get this right or heads are gonna roll”.  am i walking into a corporate mine field?  perhaps.  can i stand up to the challenge?  who knows – i’ve been out of work for nearly 2yrs so this might actually blow up in my face.

after my meeting with them, they told me the needed to push through the paper work and i was fine with that; actually i was hoping that they would do what large companies usually do:  drag their feet and take a long time before anything gets approved.  well, just 4 business days after the initial meeting, i get the offer along with the contract that i need to sign in order to set myself up with them.  great…. i was hoping for some down time or at least postponing my start date even further than i already have.

now that i’ve had time to process the fact that i will now be working after 19mos of well, not working and using my brain, i have been contemplating the pros and cons of this contract and company:


  • good money
  • break from the monotony of being a stay at home mom…. even though i really do enjoy it, sometimes i need a break
  • they seem flexible and are open to teleworking on days that i don’t need to be there
  • free reign to develop effective processes and implement them
  • good exposure


  • having to go back to work again
  • dress code!  they only allow jeans on fridays, what’s up with that?!
  • it’s downtown so that means i will have to drive so i can get kayla home on time and i am a total road-rager
  • putting kayla in f/t daycare which means her sleep is going to get fucked up which means my sleep is going to get fucked up
  • no processes in place and because this is a second attempt at this project, it’s highly likely the project team members are bitter and angry
  • having to deal with corporate politics again and maybe some stupid people which i hate even more

i am very appreciative that this opportunity fell into my lap even though my blog doesn’t really indicate that; it’s just that i am not really ready to go back to work and i am really nervous about kayla’s sleep.  i know she’ll adapt but i guess i’ll have to prepare myself for several weeks of horrible sleep …. as if i need anything else to disturb the already-shitty sleep i get.  le sigh…..

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  1. February 17, 2010 7:12 pm

    Well boo for going back and congrats on going back! I for one just LOVE going into work. :p I found the first week to be okay….and the rest, well, let me know how yours goes! All the best though- I know it’ll be fine. 🙂

    • February 18, 2010 10:01 pm

      thanks! you know i’ll be blogging about any office idiots i come across 😉

  2. February 17, 2010 8:59 pm

    Well, that was quick – once you decided to go back, you get an offer almost immediately. Congrats! Enjoy your last weeks off. I know you’ll savour every minute. You’ll do great, and I look forward to reading and laughing at your posts about the stupid people you will be dealing with at work.

    • February 18, 2010 10:00 pm

      lol there are always idiots in the office. it’ll be interesting if/when i go back (they seem to be messing around with my contract which is not cool).

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