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Random Tuesday

February 16, 2010

finally!  i have waited for my magazine to come in since november 2009.  i love RS magazine – it’s a one-stop magazine with everything you need to know about everything!

whenever i order a magazine subscription, i always look forward to the mail because even though i know it’s coming every month, it’s always a surprise as to when it’ll arrive.  so yesterday when DH brought the mail home, my nice surprise was waiting for me.  oh, what’s even better than getting this wicked mag in the mail?  major discountage that’s what!  a friend got me a great deal on the yearly price so i think i got just over 50% off yay!  i am going to read this very slowly and savour every page.  whenenver i read my fav magazines, it always saddens me that i get to the last page because then i know it’s over boohoo!


my little monkey has been sick the past few days.  actually, i think it started sometime last week and it was been pretty bad over the weekend.  she has a cough and a fever but no other symptoms like runny/stuffy nose or phlegm etc.  just the cough and fever.  oh, and she’s not sleeping well either, especially for her nap.  it’s the worst it’s ever been – like 5mins of sleeping and then coughing and waking up crying.  i even had to bend the rules and went in a few times to hold her to sleep or stuck her in the car so she could get some much needed shut-eye; methods that i haven’t used since we sleep trained her at 3.5mos and swore i’d never do again.  but as they say, when your baby is sick, you have to throw out the rule book until they’re better, so that i did.  and to be honest, when i went in and held her, she wrapped her little arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder and snuggled into me… that felt so nice; it felt so great to know that i was giving her comfort just by holding her and every once in a while, she would lift her head and kiss me on the cheek and then lay her head back down.  i almost wanted to cry; it was such a nice moment.  during all of this illness fiasco, she’s been a real trooper too.  sometimes she’d have her moment when she’d act out but overall, she’s been really good about her shitty sleep yet maintaining a happy and good mood.  i swear, this kid could go without sleep and she’d be fine.  takes after mommy – not a good thing!  she’s such a trooper too – aside from that terrible cough she has and the fever, she still loves playing and is always smiling

silly monkey

trying to kiss elmo on the screen

love this pic

kayla seemed ok for daycare so i dropped her off and because it’s been hard these past few days since kayla’s been sick, today is all about me – i’m going to do nothing but relax and lounge around.  blog.  read my magazine.  catch up on 24.  i kind of have to go to the mall to get some stuff but i think that can wait.  or maybe i’ll go and walk around and window-shop….. i love not knowing what i’ll do for the morning.


ours is black

we have finally decided on, and signed the papers for, a new car.  i am giving back that dreadful corolla and saying good riddance to that piece of shit.  actually, it’s not a bad car – i drove the hell out of it and it was good on gas so i really can’t complain, especially since we got a really good rate for it.  but it’s your basic of basic cars and the only bells and whistles it had was power locks and windows.  so i guess it wasn’t so much as bells and whistles but  moans and whispers.  so on feb 20, we get our subaru impreza sport.  i don’t care for the sport but DH wanted it.  and it’s 5-speed which means i have to brush up on my manual driving.  i haven’t driven stick since we gave up our TSX 4yrs ago so i hope it’s true what they say; that it’s like riding a bicycle – you never really forget.  so potentially, this could turn into a battle for who gets to drive the car because DH and i are somewhat fanatical about new things and we always manage to find some excuse to take the car out.

hmm… i guess i will go to the mall after all.  these guys are cleaning the sewers in front of my house and it’s pretty fucking loud and annoying.  i hope they’re done by the time  kayla has to go down for a nap or i’ll be really pissed.

toodles for now!

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  1. February 16, 2010 8:58 pm

    I use to subscribe to Real Simple. You are right that it’s a well-rounded magazine. It’s got everything in it. My subscription has ended and I didn’t bother to renew it.

    Now I am only subscribed to In Style (my fave) and Lou Lou. These days I find myself buying Women’s Health so I may consider getting a subscription to it.

    As always, it’s nice to get something in the mail (besides bills)!

    • February 18, 2010 9:59 pm

      i also get entertainment weekly and my friend gives mario trashy mags like OK! or people’s or US weekly on a regular basis! i love it. too bad we didn’t live closer – we could magazine swap daily!

      • February 19, 2010 3:56 pm

        Hey – some blog should do a magazine swap for one month to see if it works.

        I use to subscribe to US Weekly but my subscription price of 60 US that I have been paying for the past couple of years has jumped to 80 US. No thank you. I will just read about celebrity gossip online.

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