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the unthinkable

February 14, 2010

i’ve finally gone and done it – i went through my makeup organizer and well, organized it.  that means i basically threw out almost everything that was in there because it was so old; like 2004 or earlier old.  it broke my heart – i hate throwing out makeup because i spent so much money on them so it’s like i just opened up my wallet and dumped all of my cash into the garbage.  which is basically what i did boohoo!

good-bye my loves! you will never be forgotten!

i tend to have a bad habit of buying new pretty makeup on a whim.  it’s not like i go out on a regular basis that would warrant such purchases but i have a hard time resisting the pretty packaging, the sparkling colors and the musical voices of the sales folks who promise ever-lasting beauty with each application.  so yes, in all aspects of life, i am not a sucker for anything except makeup.  wave something glittery and pretty in my face and i will hand over my money like a drug addict buying crack.

i have delayed doing this for over a year but i knew i had to because i don’t want some weird fungus growing on my face.  even though i’m kind of skeptical that any sort of powder can have a shelf-life, better to be safe than sorry.  i’d rather keep both my eyes and have them bare than to have to lose one from gangrene but have both eyes gussied up.  so yeah, my makeup organizer is pretty much empty so i shelved it for future use.  that means i am down to the basics of makeup:  concealer, powder a few glosses and blush.  no mascara or tinted moisturizer (although i plan on getting that soon) or eye shadows or regular lipsticks in various colors.  actually, i haven’t worn lipstick in years.  i usually just swipe on a sheer gloss or use plain vaseline.

does this mean i have to restock?  mayyyyyyybeeee…..

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