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i think i saw a pig flying by. it’s also year of the tiger.

February 12, 2010
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my sister is great – beautiful, smart, funny, loyal and honest.  she lives pretty far away (burlington) so we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like and stupid long distance costs sometimes minimize the length of our conversations. i wish she lived closer so she could come by as often as she likes and my mom would love it with all the kids running around.

i just got off the phone with her and she’s currently looking for a nanny.  it’s about fucking time.  her husband travels a lot for work and i really don’t know how she has managed to hold down the fort with two toddlers and a dog and work AND cook and do whatever it is to keep the house going all by herself.  i have been telling her for over a year to get a nanny pronto because it’ll really help her out; not to mention keep her sanity in tact.   so she’s finally putting her foot down and looking for one.  let me say that her DH is out of town so by the time he comes back, he probably won’t have much to do other than sign the papers 😀  anyhow, she told me that she now has a blackberry and just sent her PIN to a friend of hers who is now sort of overdoing it on the messaging and stalking calling.   that wasn’t what shocked me though – it was the fact that my sister has a blackberry and is using bb messenger!  my sister – who had no idea what text messaging was until august of last year, who doesn’t know how to use the computer very well except email, who once asked me “why can’t i copy these pictures onto the CD?” and when i asked her what kind of burning software she had she asked “what’s that?”, who doesn’t really know how to program the tv/pvr/vcr or use a mp3 player, who has a hard time in general with all things gadgety or technological – has a blackberry.  i almost fell over.  then i looked out the window to see if there were any pigs flying by.  she was one of those last cowboys who held onto those brick nokia phones back from the early 90s.  you know those peeps – the ones who don’t care about the bells and whistles, staying connected in this world or what the new coolest gadget is.  i bet she doesn’t even know how to use it to its full potential.  i must give her a bb crash course when i see her tomorrow.

this weekend is chinese new year.  it’s year of the tiger, by the way.   i’m not really into chinese new year but my mom sort of is.  right now, she’s at dim-sum with friends getting robbed by all the restaurant staff as they go by each table wishing all the patrons happy new year and good luck etc etc and then they are awarded with a red envelope with a few bucks inside.  multiply that by however many people they cram into that restaurant and that’s a pretty penny.  the one thing that we always do is get together and eat dinner.  that, and we also bathe with these lucky orange peels and big leaves.  you’re supposed to chant something in chinese while you’re bathing but i don’t speak chinese and i don’t know what you’re supposed to say so DH and i usually just sit there for a while and talk.  the orange peels and leaves are supposed to bring you good luck throughout the year.  this year we’re also going to bathe kayla in it – i just hope she doesn’t try to eat them.  i’ve also had to do some cleaning – you’re supposed to wash everything before chinese new year to ‘wash away the bad luck’.  who knows if this is true but my mom is adamant that we do this so i humour her and do it.  who knows if what she’s saying is true but hey, chinese new year comes once a year so why not.

i used to get red envelopes when i was a kid.  now that i have a kid, i have to give them out.  hmmm i like it the other way around.  oh, and if you”re planning on going out and about this weekend, especially around the heavily-chinese populated areas – don’t.  it’ll be major traffic jams every where so stay away from places like T&T, pacific mall/market village, markham, scarborough and richmond hill 😀

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