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show review: 24

February 10, 2010

pretty long post about 24 so if you’re not a fan, don’t bother reading

i’ve been a fan of 24 since 2002.  i believe it first aired in 2001 and for some reason, i couldn’t get into it.  perhaps it was because the cinematography was new and different or maybe i was too hammered to follow the different story lines.  either way, i ended up watching season 1 on dvd the year after the series premiered and have been hooked since.  it’s actually quite funny how i started watchin 24 – it was halloween night and we were in the process of moving into our new home in mississauga.   the first thing he did (or i made him do) was set up the tv and dvd player.  because it was all heavy shit that he was moving and wouldn’t let me help him, i had nothing else to do other than watch tv.  all of my books were packed away and we didn’t have cable installed so i dug out the dvd that my friend let me borrow and popped it in.  i think i may even have a picture of me sitting in a bare room with just a tv and me sitting in a dining chair.   kids were coming to the door asking for halloween candy – which we had none because of said moving – so while he was trying to move boxes and kids asking him for candy, he was pretty annoyed to say the least.  my solution was yelling “sorry! we don’t have candy!  we’re just moving in!” from where i was sitting and not even bother to turn my head because i just couldn’t take my eyes away from the tv.  i suppose i could have paused it but it was so good i didn’t want to.

so 9 years later, i am still a fan.  DH used to watch it with me during the first season but i think the plot started to become too outrageous for him so instead, he would watch it with me and give me his commentary.  i did not like that because when i’m into a show, there must be complete silence.  now, i can’t watch 24 while DH is around instead i have to PVR it and watch it on my own time.

i have a love/hate thing with 24.  i am a long-time fan yet i find the plots somewhat loosey-goosey; especially in the last few seasons.  first off, all that shit cannot possibly go down in one hour.  also, does jack never stop to think:  hmmm, it’s been X hours since i last ate/shit/pissed/slept/jerked-off/fucked so i think i need to take a break.  and really, is there no other competent agent out there who can do what jack does?  he always solves every crime and saves the world from terrorist threat that they might as well give him a long white robe and birkenstocks and call him Jesus (for those of you who don’t know what i mean – The Savior).

so here are my thoughts about 24:

jack bauer – let’s just see jack for who he really is:  a gun-crazed rageaholic who uses torture to get information.  i do not know why the writers try to connect with the audience by showing a softer side of jack – it’s awkward and weird.  after all the shit he’s been through he doesn’t have a softer side.  we tune in to see jack kick ass and we do not care about the theatrics that preface his ass-kicking.  i do not know why he suddenly wants nothing to do with anything terrorist-related and would rather live just a normal life – that’s boring.  i am not really liking this pussy side of jack.

chloe o’brien – we’re also seeing a more feminine side of chole – she actually gets a bit gussied up with makeup and everything.  gone are the days of frumpy, ill-fitting clothes – a staple in any data analyst job – but she’s a computer genius so you overlooked the fact that she dresses like a man because she knows how to hack into everything.  i think the writers also tried to elicit feelings of sympathy for chloe in the first few episodes as she was trying to ‘adjust’ to the new CTU systems and interfaces.  fox network – we are not that stupid.  we know chloe is supposed to be a hardass, technical drone so just cast her in no other light but that.  thankyouverymuch.

the russian syndicate – is russian organized crime really that hardcore?  i mean, to kill your own son to protect the family and feel no remorse?  dang, and i thought the chinese triads were badass.  i’m glad that the writers decided to focus on other kinds of terrorism other than bomb-weilding crazies from the middle east.

renee walker – i was surprised to see renee back in this season although i sort of suspected she would make a reappearance.  what i didn’t expect was for her to have a bigger pair than jack.  so far, jack is not impressing me with his pussy softer side; in fact he’s being schooled by a girl.  she is by far, the best character on the show so far and i’m only on episode 4.

dana walsh (i think that’s her name) – because she used to play a hardass fighter pilot in Battlestar Galactica, it’s hard for me to see Starbuck get bullied by some guy.  in fact, if she were playing the role of Starbuck, she would have told her ex-boyfriend to fuck off and shot his ass just to prove her point.  Starbuck would not have been extorted or coerced into helping Kevin steal money out of police evidence locker.  also, has CTU not learned its lesson?  after 9 years of moles secretly working in CTU and leaking highly classified information that are crucial to national security, did they  not bother to update their shitty security protocols and screening processes for new hires?  investigate your potential employees CTU!  do your due diligence and do something like, oh i don’t know – back-ground checks??  and if she’s smart enough to be able to get kevin into that warehouse, she better be smart enough to pull a fast one on him and reactivate the security system so that he gets trapped inside while the cops swarm the place and arrest him.  i should write for the show.

kevin (dana’s creepy ex-boyfriend) – who cares.  he’s going to get killed anyway

brian hastings – hey, it’s Bubba from Forrest Gump!  how’s the shrimpin’ bidness, bubba?  i see you’ve grown some brains and got promoted to top ranks within CTU. well, no wonder there’s an ex-con working for you!   stick to the shrimpin’ bidness bubba… you’re better off there because you already fucked up in the first hour.

agent ortiz – i guess freddie prinze jr. can’t get any big movie roles so he’s demoting himself to tv actor.  i have a feeling he’s going to get killed off in the later episodes so i won’t bother to go into my review.

the government body – who cares.  that’s boring shit.

hmmm is there anyone else?  maybe i’ll update when more episodes are released.  now must get ready for wednesday night tv!

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  1. February 10, 2010 8:46 pm

    My brother gave me season one to watch because he thought I may like it. He is usually right about what I would and would not like so I tried to watch it. Like you, the concept was new to me and I didn’t like that the characters were always wearing the same clothes. Yes, I get it that the entire season takes place in one day but I just did not like it!!! I stopped watching after a couple of episodes and return the boxed set to my brother. Now for this season, I started the first episode because I heard about Agent Ortiz….

    I’m so hurt by your comment on Freddie Prinze Jr. J/K. He is the only reason I am watching 24. I live for those few moments when he has speaking parts in each episode. Yes, his glory days are over but cut the guy some slack – with a new baby girl, he’s got to make some money for his family. LOL! Seeing him on TV makes me think back to those days when I was in love with all of his rom-com movies. I could watch those movies, over and over again. But I know…you are not a fan of his.

    God – this comment has turned into something I could have posted on my own blog. I realized I just wrote too much.

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