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Random Tuesday

February 9, 2010

i love Random Tuesdays – i can just let my mind wander and blog about all things silly.  but first, bear with me while i get my geek on.

i haven’t been into gadget-lusting for quite some time because i’ve been busy doing my start-stop mini organization projects, blogging and well, doing everything except geeking out.  on twitter, a friend RT’d about an app that will allow iPhone and BB users to chat for free.  you heard it folks – a compatible app that does not incur SMS charges!  it uses the phone numbers in your address book and works over your data plan.  this wonderfulness is called Whatapp.  clever, name isn’t it?  like “whataaaaaappp!”.  it’s in the early stages of development for BB even though it’s been available for the iPhone for a while.  i don’t know why this application wasn’t made available for BB users earlier; it’s obvious that there will always be a market struggle between apple and rim so if you can’t beat ’em, why not join ’em.

whenever i hear about new apps for my computer or phone, i get excited and start thinking of ways i can get my hands on it.  of course, my main requirement for such apps is that it has to be free.  so going by my theory that you should not have to pay for software when there are torrents existing, i started searching for it and found out that it costs $2.99USD in AppWorld or $.99 in iTunes.  boo-urns.  i checked a few of my torrent sites and they don’t have any 5-finger versions which is too bad.  i guess it works out though, because i’m a little weary about configuring weird shit on my BB because if i fucked it up to the point that i couldn’t use it, i would die.  i can’t live without my phone.  i have no problem fucking up my computer as much as a hassle as it is because i don’t care about it and really, it has the life span of one of those old VW lemons that just won’t die no matter  how much bullshit you put it through.  i keep hoping that one day, it’ll sputter its last breath so i can get a shiny new mac.

ok that’s enough geek talk for now.

this morning didn’t start out so great.  i don’t know why but DH got me in a bad mood.  i suppose i over-reacted a bit but sometimes he has this habit of talking in half-sentences and expects me to know what he’s talking about.  which most of the time i do but when he’s firing multiple half-questions/half-sentences at me simultaneously while i’m driving or trying to confirm via my calendar (still behind the wheel), it can get a tad frustrating.  i’ll give you an example of what i mean by half-sentences:

DH:  remember to make that call

me:  what call?

DH:  oh and you have that appointment next week but confirm with that guy

me:  ok what are we talking about here? and which appointment are you talking about?

DH:  your doctor’s appointment

me:  which doctor?  my physical is tonight at 5:30pm

DH: no your other doctor.  with the appointment next week – it’s next week right?

me:  my psychiatrist?  yes, it’s next week… just let me confirm (scrolling through my calendar while trying to keep an eye on the road)

DH:  it’s next week.  i’m telling you, it’s next week

me thinking: wtf?  then why did he ask for confirmation? yes, it’s next week

DH:  i know.  but remember to call that guy and tell me when so i can take time off

me:  WHAT GUY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  tell you when what?

DH: (tone is getting snarky which i don’t appreciate) you know, that guy…. who called you….??

me:  do you mean the guy from rogers?

DH:  yes.  call him to find out when to meet (speaking with annoyance in his voice)

me: (pissed off right now).  THEN WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY “GUY FROM ROGERS”?????  how do you expect me to understand you when you’re talking in half-sentences?  if you said “guy from rogers” that conversation could have been cut in half.  it’s like if i asked you “can you do that thing?  you know, fix that thing?”

DH:  ok ok why are you mad?
me:  ?????!!!!!????

i ended the call pretty quickly because i just didn’t want to blow.  i also eased up on the gas pedal because i realized i was speeding and didn’t want to get a ticket.

i am not annoyed anymore, btw.

today was quite productive after that little fiasco with DH.  i threw myself into a cleaning/organizing frenzy and organized kayla’s clothes so now the boxes just have to be moved to the basement.   my friend, rachelle, is coming over this weekend to pick out stuff that she needs for her up-coming little girl (so exicted to meet her!) so i wanted to get it organized asap.  i also organized all of kayla’s medicine into a snap-tight container so her nimble fingers can’t get to it.  my little monkey gets into everything and manages to find a way to open something that isn’t meant to be opened!  i also started organizing her closet (finally!) but that still needs a bit more work.  will probably do that tomorrow morning… i like to spread out my tasks so i have something to do every day.  in the mean time, look at these cute pics!

look at these cute shoes! love the purple ones

WIP.. need baskets now

yes that is my wedding dress hanging in a white plastic cover on the left side of kayla’s closet.  it has been in that bag hanging there since i took it off in 2004.   that is nearly 6 years ago.  they say you’re supposed to get it specially dry-cleaned immediately and then wrapped up in some non-acidic paper and boxed up to be stored away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place.  well, that didn’t quite pan out so well for me.  instead of taking care of the dress that spent well over $1,000. for, i hung it back up and kind of forgot about it.  when i say ‘forgot about it’ i mean i was too lazy to bring it to the dry cleaners and fork our $300+ to clean it.   let me mention that my wedding dress has been hanging in kayla’s closet for the last 19mos in that plastic wrap.  with her humidifier sitting in front of the closet door and runs for about 11hrs every night.  for the last 19mos.  i am afraid of looking inside for fear that instead of my dress hanging there, i will find penicillin instead.

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