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February 8, 2010

today went by pretty fast i didn’t even have a chance to blog.  i guess it’s because i found a new baby site loaded with tons of info and people looking for help.  naturally, i love helping people because i know how hard it is to be a struggling first-time mom stumbling around trying to figure out this tiny human who needs you 24/7.

anyhoo, not much happened today except a slight revelation which i won’t detail here, DH finally went for his physical after years of me pushing him (i am not a nagger but i have mentioned quite frequently that he needs to go to the doc and get a full physical once/year because it’s been way too long) and kayla behaving like a typical toddler.  also in this randomness of a post i will also do a product review!

first with the fun stuff.

product review:  bobbi brown brightening lip glosss

color: popsicle

i have always been a fan of bobbi brown cosmetics.  she makes fantastic colors for every shade and skin type.  don’t let the folks behind the counter scare you into thinking that her makeup is cakey, heavy and matte – it’s not.  i don’t know why the ladies at the counter insist on wearing drag-queen like makeup because it’s really a bit too much.  i know they have to advertise the product but in my opinion, many women think less is more.  it’s one thing to play up one feature on your face, it’s another to turn your face into a scary clown mask.

i recieved a new product alert in the mail back in december about bobbi brown’s new addition to her lip gloss collection.  had i made it on time, i would have also received a free consultation and a hydrating eye cream/serum bonus but i couldn’t make it out to yorkdale with all the crazy christmas traffic.  they should open a holt renfrew out here in markham – it would make my life so much easier.

this product is so pretty – it goes on sheer, brightens your face and gives your lips a hint of color.  because of the formulation, you don’t need much to enhance your lips and it’s not thick; gloppy lip glosses are the worst because it makes you feel as though you slathered KY-Jelly on your lips.   when i apply makeup, my goal is to look like i’ve had 12hrs of sleep even though i barely got 4.  i don’t use very much and i am too lazy to spend an hour getting all gussied up so anything that will resurrect my face i will buy.  my products must include words such as “brightening” or “light reflecting” or “reduces the appearance of” or “won’t make you look like a raggedy bitch”.  i can’t wait for an occasion to wear this.  i have it on me all the time in case i have to use it although nothing ever suddenly comes up that i will feel the need to apply this.  it’s not like a brad pitt will walk into No Frills causing me to whip this out so he can notice my pink kissable lips.  so ya, i love this.  go get one!  i think it’s something like $25 but who cares – it’s so pretty!

DH goes for a physical

i don’t know what it is about men but they hate anything that has to do with medicine.  as in people who practice medicine.  they have no problem researching or taking medicine but they act like if they go to the doctor, they’ll be man-raped and defiled every single time.  men have no idea how easy they have it – their physicals only involve touching in places that they’d rather not think about and it’s not even sexy touching.  it’s just picking up and looking at things and maybe feeling around for lumps.  that’s it.  no anal probes or anything… unless of course they have to go in for a prostate exam.  i can imagine how much fun those are.

but for real yo, men have it easy.  we women have to get a cold metal or plastic speculum shoved up our glory holes at every physical.  and as if coating it with lube helps – it doesn’t.  i do not like having an instrument inside me unless it has an on button.  i do not like having my cervix opened up with what feels like a car-jack and i certainly do not like that thing they use to scrape sample cells.  it really feels like they’re using a toothbrush.  it is very unpleasant and i feel violated every time.  it’s one thing if something similar happens after a first date except on a date, you get a free dinner, maybe some alcohol and so you have something to at least show for it.  at a physical, we leave with an empty stomach, completely sober and a weird feeling in our vaginas.

but this isn’t about me.  it’s sort of funny whenever DH comes back from a physical.  he acts all weird and will not let me touch him for a few hours.  he’s not a homophobe – not in the least – but he doesn’t like other men handling his junk.  i told him over and over “they’re trained professionals, they don’t care”  but he hates it all the same.  he feels violated every time he has a physical and it’s not like a STD test where they shove that long q-tip up the pee hole.  it was just a lot of looking and touching and “cough here’, “cough there”.  that’s it.  no biggie.  if i only had to get my breasts molested at every physical, i’d have no problem with that.  i’ve asked DH about physicals and he refuses to talk about it.  all he said was that his penis has retracted inside his body for a few days so i guess that means i’m not getting lucky any time soon.  boo-urns.

kayla – the typical toddler

i didn’t think that i’d be at a point where i have to negotiate with my child to do things such as get dressed, change her diaper, brush her teeth.  i mean, aren’t these things just natural instinct and involuntary actions?  but every morning, if i don’t give kayla the option to choose what to wear, it makes my life a bit harder.  i know that at this age, toddlers want to feel more in control and being able to choose what to wear isn’t a big deal.  besides, i wouldn’t like my mother to tell me what to wear every day.  my new trick (that works for now) is to let her take out the things i need to change her diaper and at the end, she happily sits down to get her diaper changed.  today, she didn’t want to brush her teeth before bed because she wanted to read her new book instead, so we had to negotiate the number of books and what book to bring upstairs for me to read to her so she would brush her teeth.  the thing is, my little monkey is stubborn just like me.  God is punishing me for the way i was when i was younger by blessing me with a child who is as strong-willed as i am.  but as they say, you have to know when to pick your battles so reading a couple of books before bed is no biggie.

oh, and a new fun thing that kayla is doing is turning into a wet noodle in the mall or store if she doesn’t get her way or doesn’t want to put something away that she has managed to pull down.  when i say ‘wet noodle’, i mean she sinks to the floor and her limbs have all gone limp.  it’s a bit embarrasing to turn around and see that your child has pulled down 50  thongs and strewn them all over the floor, some hanging off of her shirt and/or she’s wearing one on her head.  while most of the time it’s funny, sometimes it’s not and i never laugh or show her that i find it amusing but if we’re in a hurry and i don’t have time to tell and wait for her to clean it up, it can get a tad annoying.  most of the time she fake-cries and draws attention to us so people will look over to see who is beating their child.   i do not want to encourage this behavior so i simply stand there and do not pay attention to her behavior.  when she discovers crying won’t get her anywhere, she will become the wet noodle and sit on the floor.  this can last anywhere from 5-15mins and really turns into a battle of wills.  fun.

and that was my day.  now it’s time to cuddle up and watch some good monday night tv.  toodles!

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