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laughing at hubby, not with hubby

February 7, 2010
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i have to post this because i think it’s hilarious.

DH feels like this

so per my previos post about DH wanting to do yoga, he decided against trying three classes in a week and opted to try one class of hot yoga with reduced heat.  smart move on his part.  i told him multiple times that doing three classes in one week will not only incapacitate him but he will not be able to do his regular work-outs for like, a month.  of course, he went on about how he’s going easy and yoga won’t be that bad and because he works out regularly, he probably won’t really ‘feel it’ as much if he didn’t work out yadayadayada…. you know, the typical male perspective regarding yoga.  i warned him that after one yoga session, he will hurt in places he never knew existed and his exact words were “no, it won’t be that bad”.  i would like to note that he said this with a tone that sort of implied “as if!”.

fast forward to yesterday afternoon.  DH is prepped and ready to go with his new yoga mat and armed with some preliminary research that he did prior to the class about basic yoga poses .  bottle of water in hand, he kissed me good-bye and i wished him luck.

about 2hrs later, he comes home, feels great.  says he’s not as sore as he thought he would be.  here’s a little excerpt of our conversation:

me: so how do you feel?  are you sore?

DH:  i feel good.  i’m a little sore but i think i’ll be alright

me: haha.  just wait.  remember to keep on stretching even if you don’t feel sore otherwise your muscles will atrophy and die

DH:  no, it won’t be that bad.  i k now i’ll be sore but i won’t be as bad as you say

me:  hahaha oooook!  don’t say i didn’t warn you!

fast forward to around 5:30pm last night:

DH:  oh, my lower back!  oooooh!  ahhhhhh!  owwww!  omg!!  my lower back!!  oh, it’s so sore, i can’t move!! [insert whine/complaint about body area here]!!!

me:  told you.  did you stretch like i said?

DH:  um, ya!  we were all there stretching at the end of the class

me:  no, i mean did you continue to stretch when you got home?

DH:  no because we did that at the end of the class

i decided to keep my mouth shut at that point and let his body do the talking.  by the time i was feeding kayla dinner he was horizontal on the couch and i think he may have fallen asleep.  when it was time for us to go to bed, he was basically comatose and could barely move.  so just to prove my point, i tried to manrape him by climbing on top and squirming around to which he begged me to stop because “my back! my back! i can’t move!!”.  i think that’s when i laughed and called him a pussy.  i might have said “i told you so” 2 or 3 times.

then i look over and he’s dead asleep.  it was 8:30pm.  oh well, at least i had 8hrs of 24 to catch up on.

he was so zonked out by yoga that he didn’t even change into his pajamas before falling asleep.  this morning, he wakes up stumbling around and moaning about his abs, shoulder blades and upper back.  while we were walking around with kayla at the mall, he was complaining about how sore his ribs are and was all “how can my ribs be sore?? do you even have muscles there?” to which i replied “so will you admit that i was right and say that you are hurting in places you never knew existed?”.  silence on his part.  DH – zero, kat – 1.

i think i called him a pussy about 4 or 5 times today and laughed.  i would probably be more sympathetic if he didn’t act all guy-like and go on about how yoga isn’t that hard, it’s more like stretching so how sore could he get etc etc.

anyway who cares, point is i win 😀

oh, and DH is napping right now HAHAHA.  i love winning!

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