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mega jokes

February 6, 2010
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love this pic

today was fun or as keltie calls it “mega jokes”.  kayla had fun with rooney and dante while i had a chance to catch up with friends whom i haven’t seen in about a year; maybe more.

we laughed, made kayla do silly things, tried to force dante and kayla to sit and take pictures together and poor rooney was terrorized by two toddlers, one who was chasing and screaming “a cog!” in her face and another trying to lie on her while she was attempting to take a snooze.

i also did a good deed today and hopefully God recorded that in his “ways to get into Heaven” book.  one of keltie’s friends is collecting things to donate/send to haiti so i gave keltie a bag of clothes that i was going to donate.  in particular, bras are in high demand so i unloaded all of my maternity/nursing bras so i hope that they will help several women who are in need of them.  the thing with nursing bras is that they are kind of fun.  by that, i mean that there’s a snap that you can undo and the front flap comes down so your boobs are exposed.  when i was pregnant, i jumped to a C cup which is a big deal because i’m usually not even in the alphabet (what’s lower than an A cup?)  so i tend to either not wear a bra or just a sports bra.  i should not be talking about my breasts online but it seems that i’m an open book these days so whatevs.  anyhow, i think maternity bras are fun because you can unsnap both of them and look like a sexy bitch with your boobs hanging free.  it’s like you’re wearing a bra but you’re not and i used to leave them open and run around the house chasing my hubby around.  you know, just for fun.  i am no longer nursing anymore so i have no use for them and the mosquito bites that are supposed to be breasts look sad and lonely in such a big bra.  kind of like a hotdog in a hallway if you get my drift.

here are some more fun pics:

dante & kayla

"a cog!"

rooney: "leave me alone!"

dante sipping tea

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