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rice ball wonderfulness

February 5, 2010
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do you see this wonderful tasty treat?  it’s a rice ball, taro flavor i think.  you can get them at T&T for about $3.99 for four.  it comes in taro, red bean, coconut and green tea flavours.  sounds healthy, right? well, they’re not.  the fact that the expiry date is exactly 2 days after purchase tells you a lot.  like they must be eaten quickly or else you get the shits.  bad.  with sharting and everything.  i have experienced first hand of the havoc that this golf-ball sized dessert can wreak on your bowels and it’s not pretty my friend.  not pretty at all.

because of said quick expiry date, they must be eaten quickly.  i have no problem with that.  in fact, there is only 1 left and while i thought that my mom ate one, she in fact did not and i discovered that i was the person behind the disappearance of this rice ball wonderfulness.  so instead of savouring each bite, i ate it in like, 2 seconds flat; 2 bites only.  i am not proud of that but it was oh so good.

i don’t know what it is about sweets that i’ve been craving for months.  i have purged my house of all junk food – and by purged i mean i ate it – so as not to be tempted.  once, i was jonsing so bad for something sweet that i raided kayla’s pantry and ended up eating half a bag of her cinnamon-honey teddy grahams.  how sad is that?  what mother steals from her baby?  it was not one of my proudest moments.

i stepped on the scale this morning to discover i am 125lbs which was my normal weight pre-pregnancy.  wow, that was fast.  i thought that maybe i would gain only some of the weight back after i got control of my sanity but i guess all the binging i’ve been doing is working its magic.  i am afraid to try on my skinny jeans again for fear of them demanding that i take them off.  i know it’s a good thing, this weight, because i was way too skinny before.  like, skeletor skinny.  anyhoo, maybe i’ll join DH and do yoga once/week – hopefully that’ll help some.  shiet i bought all these nice tops to go with skinny jeans and i don’t want to have to banish them into the corner of my closet where unworn things go to die.

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