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ThrowBack Thursdays: RPM

February 4, 2010

while lying in bed at my usual wake-up time of 4:30am (still not cool), this blog series popped into my head.  usually when i’m trying to fall back asleep, i let my mind wander and in the wee hours of this morning, i started thinking about back in the day which brought me to my new idea of creating a new series called ThrowBack Thursdays where every thursday, i will blog about something in my past.  welcome to the first post of the series.  i will try and find pictures for each throwback but i can’t guarantee it because in those days, we didn’t have (mini) digital cameras or cell phones with cameras; come to think of it, i don’t think anyone really even had cell phones.  we had the odd disposable camera or if someone was brave enough, they brought their clunky 35mm (remember those?).  man, technology has come a long way.

anyhow, today’s throwback (and probably many future throwbacks) will focus on what i did best in my early years:  party.  from the tender age of 15/16 to about 28/29ish i partied like it was 1999, even way after it was 1999.  most of it good, some of it bad and i’ll try and recount the details as best as i can.

one thing that pops into my head when i think about my teen years is RPM.  to any Torontonians in the hizzy,  i’m sure you remember that wonderful club.  it was huge, the music was mad wicked and the people were awesome.  i was very young to get into that club – 17 – i was working part time at Coles bookstore at fairview mall and i used my sister’s ID (passport) to get into over-age bars.  my partner in crime was beckywho worked with me at the store.  she was beautiful, kind and fun and was always ready for a good party.  the summer of 1993 (was it that long ago?!) was a memorable one  – that was the year i tasted the wonderfulness that is called alcohol and for the next few years, most of my memories are blurry and fleeting because of my alcohol-induced stupor.  how my liver survived that, i have no idea.  i guess when your body is young, it can take a few beatings.

in those days, we didn’t have cell phones; we had pagers.  mine was blue and i loved it.  it was just a numeric one (i couldn’t afford the new text one).  every thursday, becky and i already had set plans – RPM.  either she would drive or i would drive and on evenings when we worked together, we would bring our clothes to work, change in the back and rush down to RPM going at supersonic speeds.  people started lining up at around 9:30/10pm and by 10:30pm it was rammed and the lineup was around the corner.  eventually, we started chatting up the bouncer – i forget his name but he was a big friendly guy and it seemed that all the girls knew him so it would be a huge taco party at first until the guys started flowing in.

anyhow, that was the year of DJ Matt C and his house grooves.  that was the year that Robin S. had her moment with Show Me Love which was our dance anthem.  i don’t remember attitude at RPM or bitchy, catty girls; there was the typical fight outside the parking lot (i remember the knifing incident with someone i knew eeek!) here and there but in general, everyone who went to RPM went for the music and dancing and when i mean dancing, i mean everyone was on the floor groovin and gettin down.  no one was standing along the walls trying to look cool.  if you were at RPM, you were cool by default.  everyone smoked in the club – that was the only thing i didn’t like: coming home with my hair reeking of smoke – but the patio helped some.

i was pretty much hammered that entire summer.  how my parents never knew, i have no idea.  how i graduated high school is an even bigger question mark.  i used to drag my ass into school every friday hungover, a few times still drunk.  but i survived, went home, took a nap and i was ready to go come 8pm.  it never stopped – i was out every single night except mondays because there was no where to go.  here’s my party schedule back then:

  • monday – home to recouperate or JDs to hang out
  • tuesday – chatters
  • wednesday – fluid
  • thursday RPM
  • friday – phoenix (life after dark)
  • saturday – zoo bar
  • sunday – phoenix (planet vibe)

i was lucky that my parents were pretty laid-back about the whole thing; i mean, what 17 year old goes out on a school night until 2 or 3am??  mind you, i got into a lot of trouble but they never grounded or punished me. they did not like the fact that i was out all the time but they never really stopped me as well.  sure they yelled and shit but i was a stubborn teenager and i just ignored it.  i’m lucky that i turned out the way i did and not some crazy punk.

i’m trying to dig out some pictures but i can’t seem to find any from RPM…. that and my scanner isn’t configured for the new OS and i can’t seem to find the damn cd…. ugh damn you windows 7!

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  1. February 9, 2010 7:40 pm

    This post brought up my own clubbing memories. I lived in Ottawa when I was 17-18 years old. I met a bunch of people who were all older than me (just like you, I was born in December so was always the youngest in the crew) and had to use the ID of one of the girls to get into the bars in Ottawa. Even when I was 17 I had to use the ID to get into that club in Hull (I think it was called Henry’s) where the legal drinking age was 18.

    When I was 19, I was clubbing Wed-Sun with Monday as my day of rest and Tuesday was movie night. I really wanted to look for my old diary and give you my clubbing line-up but I got lazy. I do want to look for it so that I can go down memory lane myself. At least when I do find it, I can put together a post about it.

    • February 9, 2010 7:49 pm

      oh yeah, 1/2 price tuesdays! at scarborough town center cineplex hahaha! i remember those days! i hope you find that diary – it’ll be fun to read the post and i bet we were at the same club and ran in the same circles but never met!

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