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the healing power of accupuncture

February 3, 2010

a few years ago, i started to suffer from carpel tunnel in my right hand and arm.  from all the time i spend on the computer, that does not surprise me.  it started as mild pain in my wrist and eventually over time, spread into my forearm, my elbow – giving me tennis elbow – and eventually, spreading to my right shoulder blade.  wearing those arm braces didn’t help either – i needed to fix it and fix it fast because it was starting to interfere with my work.

i made an appointment to see my doctor and the only thing she recommended was surgery.  i am not a fan of going under the knife.  i hate hospitals and i hate surgery even more.  so i turned to the internet to search for other alternatives and asked my sister about accupuncture.

my sister has told me countless times the benefits of holistic medicine and how accupuncture does wonders for pain treatment  but i just didn’t understand how a few needles would put out the fire in my arm.  being asian, you would think that i would have more belief in the medicine of my peeps but to be honest, i don’t.  half the stuff that my mom boasts about this herb and that herb i was always told her that those store owners are giving her a run for her money.  but she’s incredibly healthy at 63 and rarely gets sick.  i guess there’s more to what she’s saying than i think.

so anyway, i decided to try accupuncture.  now i don’t know about you but thinking about having multiple needles stuck into my skin did not sit well with me.  i was scared to say the least so when leanne came over, i grilled her for about 15mins before i let her touch me.  i inspected every needle in her pandora’s box of magic and quizzed her on how/where she gets them, how they work, i even went so far as to make her stick one of the needles in herself.  i am a skeptic at heart and suspicious by nature so i must be totally convinced in order to do something that i find drastic or severe.

so there i was lying on the table waiting for the first pin prick.  i was expecting something along the lines of when you accidentially stick your finger with a sewing needle but when she told me the first needle was in, i could hardly believe it – i didn’t feel a thing.   from then on, we had weekly sessions and although it was a bit pricey, my carpel tunnel was cured within a month.  cured! as in no pain at all.  no throbbing ache to keep me up at night.  gone was the burning in my arm even after spending hours on the computer.  after that, i changed my perspective on accupuncture and believed in the healing powers it can have.

she started with just treating my carpel tunnel and ended up treating me for everything – my acute insomnia, during my pregnancy, relaxation techniques.  i even let her stick a few needles in my face because she also does cosmetic accupuncture.  relaxation accupuncture involves sticking needles in specific points in your face and head, same with cosmetic accupuncture.  the relaxation you feel during accupuncture is incredible.  i would literally slide off the table, slink on upstairs (she did house calls), pour myself into my bed and was out for the night.  for any insomniacs out there, this is the treatment for you.  with every needle she stuck in my face/head, i could feel the tension and pain sliding away; kind of like the relief you feel after letting out a big fart that’s been cramping your stomach .   if you have a good accupuncturist who knows what she’s doing, you should look something like this:

good accupuncture

if you do not have a good accupuncturist who does not know what they’re doing, you will look something like this:

bad accupuncture

you will probably even sport that angry, hate-filled look as well.

anyhoo, my accupuncturist has her own studio located by the beaches in toronto; it’s called Chang’e Studio.  they do all sorts of holistic healing and healthly living such as yoga, pilates, chinese accupuncture and i think there may be a naturalpathic doctor there as well.

happy and healthy living!

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  1. February 9, 2010 7:44 pm

    This Hellraiser picture made me think of my ex from high school. I remember when I first went into his room, he had the Hellraiser movie poster up on his wall. I couldn’t stand to see that guy with all the pins stuck in his head, so I asked the ex-BF to take it down.

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