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Random Tuesdays

February 2, 2010

i think i hate tuesdays the most because for me, when i know it’s tuesday, the week just seems so long.  when it’s monday, you’re pretty fresh from the weekend so it’s not that bad and when it’s wednesday, you know you’re halfway there so thursday and friday pretty much whiz right by.

i think the last Random Tuesday post was about my cleaning and organizing projects and i’m unhappy to announce that i have not touched those boxes in my hallway since i did my initial cleaning.  i did, however, get more boxes that are sitting in my basement that need to be filled so perhaps this morning, i will finish up that project.  i have to anyway because a friend is going to borrow most of the stuff so i need to get that shit organized.

also on my list of ‘things i did not complete’, is my photo album project.  jeez it seems that i have several half-completed mini-projects on the go.  this is how far i got with my photo album project:

i managed to fill the big album but i still have to insert pictures into the smaller ones.  i also have to organize the other pictures that are thrown haphazardly into that walmart bag.

on another note, the mess that was in my hallway has somehow migrated into my bedroom.  for some reason, i am always drowning in laundry and i can never get away from a pile of folded clothes in a basket.  my problem dear readers, is that once i get the laundry from the hamper, stick it in the washer, take the clean clothes off the rack and fold/sort them, i run out of steam and get too lazy to put  my clothes away so i just leave them sitting in the basket and it just keeps piling up – see exhibit A.   now i’ve added to this disaster by starting a new project of purging my closet of old clothes that i no longer wear.  so my room has turned into a somewhat clean/organized one to this overwhelming mess:

Exhibit A: horrid mess

Exhibit B: adjacent to horrid mess A

in my attempt to organize the clothes that i’m getting rid of, i separated them into 2 bags: one for the clothes swap party and maternity wear and the other that’s going straight to the salvation army.  with good intention, i wanted to close up the bags and put them someplace where they will be out of sight and out of the way but instead, i opted to just leave them where they are because i got lazy and didn’t feel like continuing.  that is very bad – see exhibit B.  if you’re wondering why elmo is there, he’s guarding the bags to make sure DH doesn’t move or touch them.  i tend to have a bad habit of pulling things out and then when i’m finished with them, just leaving them where they are.  i never used to be like that but i guess the mess in the room kind of gives me an excuse to just leave it there.  not a  good thing… isn’t this how hoarding begins?  if you look closely at the second picture, you’ll see an orange yoga mat.  that was a new addition to the horrid mess because last night, i brought it out to see if DH would be able to use it and we weren’t sure if the standard yoga mats would accommodate his length.  instead of putting it back in the closet which was literally right there, i just left it in the corner where you see it now.  how lazy is that.  i need to get cracking on this shit and clean it up.  in exhibit A of horrid mess 1, all that crap that you see by my bedside is random bills and shit that just keep piling up.  holy fuck just looking at this picture makes me sick.  i am going to immediately go and clean that mess as soon as this post is done.  i guess i never really noticed how bad it is until now since i pass by it every day but now that it’s staring me in the face, i need to do something about it.  like, now.

one more random tidbit: the hubs is going to start doing yoga.  that’s right folks, my 200lbs, 6″1′ DH is going to get in touch with his inner chakra and start try hatha, ashtanga (yeah, good luck with this one buddy) and some other one i can’t remember the name.  he also says that once he’s ok with the above three styles, he’ll do hot yoga (again, good luck with that buddy).  the funny thing is that while i know he can do it, he thinks that he’ll be able to do all three in a week so he’s going to get a one week pass and attend all three classes.  i laughed not because i don’t think he can do it but because he’ll be so sore from the first session he won’t even be able to do his routine workout, let alone attend 2 more yoga classes.  let me qualify by saying that 1) DH has never done yoga 2) he’s not that flexible 3) he’s never done yoga.  most men think yoga is easy because it’s “only stretching and deep breathing” so they think yoga’s a breeze.  he’s in for a big surprise because even though the yoga instructor told him that hatha is a ‘flowing type of yoga’ she failed to tell him that he will be holding poses for minutes at a time and using his body weight to build endurance and strength, not to mention stretching your body to its limit (or at least it will feel like it for the first while)… and that’s just hatha.  ashtanga (power yoga) is gonna kick his ass.   i am going to join him once a week for ashtanga – i think it’ll be fun.  i used to do ashtanga with my sister all the time and i know i’m gonna be sore as hell for the next little while.  wish us luck


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