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Twilight comic? really??

February 1, 2010

ok, i understand the obsession with the Twilight saga; i mean, i myself have re-read the books and for some reason i am  drawn to re-reading the good parts of each book every so often (ok, so it’s like every 2 or 3 days but whatevs).

recently, i heard that the author has teamed up with a korean artist to remake the Twilight book into a graphic edition (read: comic book styles) which i think is incredibly stupid.  seriously ms. meyer, how much more money do you want?  you’ve already earned millions of dollars already, do you have to cannibialize your own literary genius by doing this?  your saga does not interest the general comic-loving audience (read: geeks) and i hardly think that teenage girls or housewives will show enough interest to purchase the comic version; they would much rather drool over the actual actors who play your beloved characters.  i love comics but i would not spend my money on this.  the magic of novels is that you can imagine the characters and if they’re good looking enough, fantasize about the actors who play your characters but your comic characters will not strike a chord within your target audience.  in fact, it may make them lose interest all together.

i’ve seen an excerpt of the book and let me tell you, it’s gay.  it wouldn’t be so bad if it were just the story itself but the drawings also try to illustrate the characters’ thoughts or actions with silly side-bars of “kapow!” or “bang!” or “creek!” – you know, the old batman comic/cartoon styles.

i am not the only hater of this idea – other gossip columnists have started bashing it already.  i will be very surprised if this takes off.

and that’s enough hating for today.  now i must log off and try and convince myself to continue with my closet-purging project (but i just want to lie down and do nothing).


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