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what’s in my bag?

January 29, 2010
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i was reading random blogs the other day and i came across a great idea that i thought i would steal.  i can’t remember what the blog name is called but leesh follows her.  i know, stealing someone’s idea is not creative but i thought it was a fun post and perhaps anyone who looks at this blog might have a bit of fun reading it too.

so what is in my bag?  voila!

?? i keep a lot of shit in my bag

i’m usually toting around one of these two bags.  when i’m out and about with kayla, it’s easier for me to strap the roots one across my chest because kayla is either running around or wanting to be picked up.  i need my hands/arms free so this is perfect.  it’s roomy, has lots of pockets, waterproof and i can beat it up and not have to worry about it.

my gucci is one of my most prized possessions.  it is probably my last expensive purchase and i use this whenever i go out-out.  the wide strap stays on my shoulder (i hate bags where you constantly have to readjust the strap) and you can fit so much stuff inside and still have tons of room.

snacks for kayla.  i should throw them out – they’re probably stale by now.  i usually carry one of her water bottles with me as well but i cleaned that this morning.

my prada wallet that i got in italy at the prada outlet.  seriously, i think i paid somewhere around $40-50 euros and i couldn’t believe my luck.  it fits quite a few cards plus all the reciepts i tend to cram into this thing and i like the fabric because it’s easy to clean

my makeup bag that i got from some bonus offer.  actually, i think my mom gave it to me.  it’s so roomy to fit all of my face/skin essentials: lip gloss, vaseline, mirror, tide to-go pen (because i always somehow stain my clothes), random hair ties/bobby pins (i just keep losing this stuff), tinted lip balm (lip balm addict, remember?).  it’s packed full right now so i need to go through it and sort it out.

my sunglasses that i always forget i have on me.

pens – i always bring and use my own pens when shopping.   did you know that a lot of people get sick that way by using store pens to sign credit card slips or whatever?

scope – in case i have stinky breath from lunch or dinner or whenever i have stinky breath.  works better than gum.

i can’t have enough hand cream.  i got that one from a friend who was my kris kringle this past christmas.  my hands are so dry from all the hand sanitizing/washing so i’m always using it.

random shit that i found in my purse.  bills, random mail, scraps of paper, reciepts, a memo pad that i carry in case i need to quickly scribble stuff down and also use for grocery lists

my daughter’s immunization record.  come to think of it, i really shouldn’t carry this around.  will put in a safer place at home after this post.

baby wipes – you will always need baby wipes on you when you have a kid running around.

my blackberry curve that, aside from my wallet, is basically my life.  i have everything in there from pictures to contacts to appointments.  it keeps me occupied if i’m waiting (surfing/tweeting/emailing) and if i ever lose that thing, it will be like losing a part of myself!

my most recent purchase:  bobbi brown brightening lip gloss.  i haven’t cracked this baby open yet but it’s so pretty! actually, i forgot i bought it because it was in a zipped-up compartment in my bag. yay new makeup!

i always have purell on me because of all the nasty bugs that are going around.  also, when you have a child, you are much more aware of germs etc and you do everything in your power to prevent you/your kid from getting sick.

my keys.  the key chain that i have is a neat design where i can actually separate each key from the key ring.  so if ever i need to quickly check the mail and leave my car running, i can do so without having to turn off the car.  it also has a neato button that when pressed, emits a bright red LED light.  not really useful though; maybe to temporarily blind a rapist/murderer/robber so i can make my getaway.

my glasses.  i forget to wear them half the time but i should while i’m driving.  drivers look out!!!! kidding.

i just found that gum in my bag.  i stole that from DH a while back.  and no, i don’t have gum and scope because i have rancid breath.  i swear, i am very breath-conscious.

i was going to do a more intimate post of ‘what’s in my wallet’ but decided against it for security reasons.  the only thing that’s missing in my wallet is cash.  there are lots of reciepts and random crap in there except for cash.  i even have a booklet of stamps but no cash.  i just hate going to the bank even though it’s a short drive it just irritates me for some reason.  i don’t know why – i just don’t like going.  similar to having to empty out the rice pot at home – it just annoys me whenever i have to do it.  again, no reason, i just find it annoying.

this was a fun post to write! 🙂

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  1. January 29, 2010 7:12 pm

    It was from Ramblings of a Fab Brunette ( I am going to do my post over the weekend. You should see my bag, it’s got crazy junk in it.

    I like your tip about using your own pen to sign for things. I always carry a bunch of pens with me but I never think to use my own.

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