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pictures + lots of word vomit

January 28, 2010

warning:  long-ass post of randomness ahead! 

i am in a better mood today.  i forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that i got my period which was probably why i was so crabby.  everything pissed me off yesterday.   DH and i were going to a car dealership after dinner and i can’t remember what we were talking about but my answers were short and quick.  i guess my tone wasn’t that friendly either.  then he asked me if i got my period and i gave him such a scathing look and snapped “what’s that supposed to mean?!” and he looked at me like a deer in headlights and said “holy, i was just asking because i saw your stuff on the counter in our bathroom”.   then i said “what the heck is wrong with me?” and laughed and apologized.  i’m usually not this bad and DH is pretty sensitive whenever i get my period so i knew he didn’t mean it that way.  it’s amazing how hormones can make a woman go from being warm and fuzzy to mean and grisly in 2 seconds flat.

hoarding mess

WIP: after some cleaning/organizing

but anyway…  i don’t feel like organizing or cleaning today and procrastination = random post so here it is. aside from the pissy mood i was in yesterday i also felt the urge to organize and clean so i finally decided to tackle the mess that is called my hallway.  over 18mos, our hallway has turned into ‘the area in which we toss mountains of clothes that don’t fit kayla anymore’ and it has morphed from just 2 bins to multiple boxes and a mound of clothes that just keep piling up.  what’s worse is that for months, we all just walked right by it as if it weren’t there because if we acknowledged it, then we’d have to do something about it.  so i sat and went through the majority of the boxes, sorted out the clothes into categories (sleepers, winter clothes, diaper shirts etc) and identified them by age as well.  not my best work but it was enough.  i highly doubt we’ll be digging through those boxes because i don’t think we’re going to have another child but i needed to do something about that frigging mess.   i found a lot of clothes that kayla didn’t even wear – some still with tags! – which is a shame because they’re so cute.  i  have still a few more things to sort out but i’ve started storing the boxes away and now my hallway is tolerable.  i anticipate by next week, those boxes will be banished to the basement.

i can't wait to start this project!

i also decided to finally start sifting through all of the pictures that we’ve taken of kayla since she was born.  we have an online album but just like snail mail, there’s something about putting pictures in photo albums that seem so much nicer and sentimental.  just like video killed the radio star, the internet has killed snail mail and photo albums.  i found these albums in the mess that was kayla’s closet that i received at my baby shower so i decided to put them to good use.  i printed over 200 photos of kayla throughout her 19mos and as painful as it was (because i had to go through every.single.picture to crop and and fix!!) it was worth it after i started filling the album.  there’s a lot more i want to do with it such as add my flair of creativity to the albums but for now, i just have to get them organized in the album before i start touching it up.

Christmas 2008 - Kayla 6mos

Christmas 2009 - Kayla 18mos

check out how much my little monkey has grown!  i can’t believe that 19mos has flown by.  i remember when she was younger and i was having a hard time with everything, i could never imagine her being 19mos.  i just couldn’t see that far ahead because everything was so muddled and the days just bled together.

now my monkey runs, talks, gives me attitude, disses me and asserting her independence.  in the past week, she’s said a dozen new words, is forming sentences like “sam wasn’t there” (sam is a friend at daycare) or “what happened there?” when she saw a mark on her palm.  her little voice is adorable and she’s so cute!!


all dressed up and no where to go

now for Random Fun Time!  for some reason, i have started buying fancy tops.  i don’t know why.  it’s not like i ever go out or go any place that requires me to wear such fancy things.  then again, looking at them they aren’t ‘fancy’ by definition… i guess because i usually dress in bum clothes that they seem/feel fancy to me.  lately, i’ve really been into the vibrant colors as you can see – i used to be into earth tones like brown/beige etc but somehow, i feel more drawn to these colors.  maybe because i’m hoping that they’ll give some life to my face and they’re so pretty AND they were on sale which is even better (when i mean sale, i mean cheap).  now, if only i had a fancy place to go with my fancy tops.  i know they’ll most likely end up in the same place as all the other things i’ve bought which i like to call “the corner where unworn clothes go to die“:  essentially, the clothes i buy in hopes that i’ll wear them someday but end up either outgrowing them due to over-eating or i realize they look horrible on me.  oh well… maybe this year will be different!

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