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Random Tuesday

January 27, 2010

it has not been a good week so far and  it’s only tuesday.  yesterday, kayla decided to start this week off by having shitty naps.  then she was grouchy for most of the afternoon and dissing me non-stop.  hrumph.  today i was hoping for a better day but no such luck.

it starts off with my early waking (well, that happens every morning) and when i mean early waking, i mean 5am.  for some reason, my internal clock thinks that waking up at 5am every morning is cool.  which it is not.  in fact, it is so not cool because i can hear the owls hooting so you know what i mean by too fucking early. i  need more sleep but whatever.  it’s fine that i wake up  early but not when kayla wakes early.  her normal wake time is around 630am but today she decided to wake up just after 6am.  yipee.  oh and let me mention that last night she cried for nearly 30mins when we put her to bed and tonight i don’t expect anything different.  i think she must be going through something – some kind of language development milestone because in the last week, she’s said full-on sentences.  they’re a bit slurred but you can understand what she’s saying.  for example, yesterday on our way back from daycare, i asked her how roland was and she said “roland sick” (roland has the stomach bug that plagued kayla last week).  then i asked how sam was and she said “sam wasn’t there” and in my mind i was like, whaaaaaa?!!!??!!! that surprised me because i’ve never heard say that before and although her words sort of blurred together, i could clearly understand what she said.  i asked her again because i thought that maybe it was a fluke or i was hearing things but she said it again.  i can’t believe how fast she’s growing.

so back to my day today.  kayla gets up early – ok fine. while she’s at daycare, i started making dinner and as i’m cubing potatoes, i feel a sudden searing pain as i accidentally brought the butcher knife down on my thumb!  and i’m talking about the kind of searing pain that briefly whites everything out and makes you shout “goddammit motherfucker!!” which i did – many times over.  never mind that i was bleeding all over the place but i couldn’t leave the 2 burners that were going and the oven so i just ran my thumb under cold water and wrapped it with a paper towel so i could finish chopping the potatoes and put them in the boiling pot.  let me also say that i didn’t have much time because i had to pick up kayla and i didn’t want to leave the oven going while no one was home.  did you know it’s hard to chop with 1 hand?  it’s hard to do anything with 1 hand but wielding a sharp knife with one hand is not something i recommend.   i never really realized how important my left hand is and even more important my thumbs!  yes, i know that thumbs are what divides primates from other animals but i think thumbs are usually overlooked because we tend to rely more on our fingers to manipluate things.




yep, that’s blood all up in my nail and staining my skin.  right now, it’s throbbing.  for a while, i didn’t know if i needed stitches so i said that if it didn’t stop bleeding by say, 4pm, i’d head over the hospital.  it’s still tender but i think the bleeding has stopped for now.  if the wound opens from movement or whatever, it’ll bleed like a mofo.

ok, so now i have a bum thumb. aside from the throbbing pain, kayla decides that she will continue with The Week of Shitty Naps and after 20mins of sleep, she wakes up wailing.  fan-frigging-tastic.  i don’t know what it is but it seems like i have to sleep train her every few weeks.  kayla isn’t a crier but when she’s going through something – usually if something is off from her routine or a milestone – it really fucks with her sleep.  i have been though a lot of bullshit with her sleep so i’ve learned to deal but i still have a really hard time listening to her cry.  what’s worse is that she looks up at the video monitor, her face all contorted, tears streaming, boogers flowing, sobbing as if she knows i’m watching her and she cries like: “how can you leave me in here?  i need a hug!”  and i fight the urge to rush into her room and climb into her crib with her.

ok, bum thumb.  kayla wakes up from shit nap.  i still have not received the first issue of Real Simple magazine that i ordered in fucking november and they already charged my credit card.  the other one came but not this one.  they should not call their magazine “real simple” but “real annoying” because i hate waiting.

tonight, i fully expect kayla to be wailing for at least 3omins.  she has been up since just after 1pm so she’s probably overtired and will most likely wake up early tomorrow morning again.  oh well.  at least the monkey wasn’t as grumpy today.

on another note, my car’s lease is up beginning of february.  if you didn”t know, i leased a corolla about 3 or 4 years ago.  did i mention that i hate corollas?  i used to (and still do) criticize corolla drivers because for the most part, they’re bad drivers!  so it’s ironic that i leased one because i am not a bad driver (and to those of you who are scoffing i am giving you the finger) but i did it because the monthly payments were cheap and it’s good on gas.  i also chose to get automatic because at the time, i was driving to work and driving stick during rush hour on the dvp is hella annoying.  then i got pregnant and DH started driving it because the truck had the baby seat.  he really hates driving the corolla and complains about it  i can’t say i blame him because i complain about it too; especially in the summer.  i don’t know what it is but whenever it’s summer and i have to drive the corolla i really loathe it because i look around and see other cars that are way cooler and makes mine look like a K-car.  or a chevette that has rust and dents in it.  not that i care about the cool factor but when it’s summer, you just feel like driving a nice car.  those are the months i miss my TSX.

but anyway.  now DH is on the hunt for another car.  this time he’s the one doing all the work and i just gave him my criteria:  cheap payments and good on gas;  i don’t care about anything else.  not the color, not the features, not anything.  i do not care if it doesn’t have a sun roof.  i do not care if you have to wake up the monkey in the trunk to start your A/C.  i do not care if it has wooden wheels.  if the payments are relatively close to what we’re paying now for the corolla and is fuel efficient, then that’s fine with me.   sending DH out to look at cars is not such a smart idea on my part.  DH is smart as hell and knows what he wants but the fact is  that he’s not a negotiator.   he does not get bitchy and irritable around sales people.  he does not sneer at their bullshit offers and snidely tells them to shove it up their ass.  instead, he looks to me for that  but i am not there to do it this time around…. which kind of worries me.  you see, when DH wants something, he wants it bad and he tends to be very willing to accept a fairly reasonable offer.  i am the opposite (for the most part).  if i know that more can be done to get it for a lower price, a ‘fairly reasonable offer’ just won’t cut it.  for stuff like this though, we usually call in the heavy calvary:  my brother in law.  he’s a regional sales manager and the way he haggles we’ll probably get the car for $100/month.  i’m a bit anxious because there may be a chance that DH might call me saying that he made a deal. (???!!!!).

tomorrow is hump day.  i’m just hoping that it’s a bit better and that my thumb heals fast because it’s starting to annoy me.  oh, i’ve also started cleaning out kayla’s closet.  for the past 18mos, it’s somehow turned into the ‘shove everything that doesn’t fit her anymore’ storage space but now that she’s older and needs more clothes for daycare (because she comes home with all sorts of stains and spills on her – one day she came home with glitter and glue all matted in her hair!)  i need to get that shit organized.   besides, the mountain of boxes/clothes that are sitting in the hallway are a fucking eye sore and i’ve just been too lazy to get started on it.  so i am making myself dedicate at least 1.5hrs every morning to sort through it.  if you think i’m kidding, i’m  not –  see for yourself.  i think i’m about 2mos away from being on the show Hoarders.

hoarding mess


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