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is this a sign?

January 22, 2010

i have been out of work since mid-may 2008 and taking care of kayla all this time.  it was hard but now that i’m better, i love being a stay-at-home-mom.

when the end of 2008 was approaching, DH and i had a brief convo about me going back to work and possibly when that would be.  we both knew it would be in the new year – i was looking at january.  then i changed my mind to march-ish.  i said march-ish because i had the feeling that i probably wouldn’t be able to find another contracting gig since i’ve been hearing no-so-good things about the job market.

then yesterday, DH asked me if i was willing to go back to the company i previously worked at as a contractor again.  no concrete details, just ideas that were being thrown around.  then the director emailed me and asked when i was thinking of going back to work and that he may probably be able to swing a contract my way.

just now, i received another email (forwarded) from someone i used to work with at another company indicating a potential consulting contract.

is this a sign?

to be honest, i’ve been dreading having to update my resume and going through the interview process again.  the interview process i don’t mind as much but i really hate updating my resume.  i have trouble coming up with professional and eloquent ways to describe my previous contracts, what i did, how i did, project successes etc etc because frankly, i am not an eloquent writer.  i usually write the way i think – as you can read from this blog – and i don’t think that a potential employer would be impressed with “worked with a bunch of idiots therefore project was delayed” or “fucked around a lot because low-talent pool allowed such fuckery in the workplace”.  i cannot write things such as “beat my own highest score in minesweeper” under “Greatest Accomplishments” or “delivered project under budget and ahead of schedule because our team were the only ones who knew what was going on and did all the work ourselves” under “Project Successes”.

so  dear readers, what shall i do?  i should be thankful that these opportunities are being presented to me however, i am not looking forward to the traffic, bullshit corporate politics, idiots/pretenders in the workplace and all that other shit that comes with work.  i am looking forward to the money because God knows our pot won’t last forever but the hardest part is not being able to hang out with my little monkey every afternoon.

will have to talk to DH about options.  maybe he can work 2 jobs so i don’t have to.  LOL yeah, like that will fly with him.  OR maybe OLG will be nice and give me $10M.

decisions… decisions….


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