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January 20, 2010

apparently, kayla does not like to be held if you have your shirt off.  we came to this conclusion today – actually DH did.  he was changing and kayla followed him into the room as he was changing shirts and when he picked her up, she freaked out and tried to squirm away.

so i decided to do a test.  since i bore her from my vagina, i would think that it would feel natural to her to be held in my arms even if i didn’t have a shirt on; i mean, she did suckle my teets when she was a newborn afterall.  but instead of nestling into my neck like she does when i’m wearing a shirt, she leaned back, looked at my chest and had this look on her face like: what are those things on your chest and why are they coming to get me?  she proceeded to squirm away and whine to be put down immediately.  huh.  that kind of stung considering she emerged from my vagine.  so i figured that maybe sitting down and cradling her in the nursing position might jog her memory.  she lay stiff as a board in my arms and tried to roll over  so i guess she wasn’t down with that either.  then i put my shirt on, picked her up and she nestled into my neck. huh.

so kayla is not down with being held if you have no shirt on.  i hope that’s indicative of how she will be when she’s a teenager.

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  1. Missy permalink
    January 24, 2010 6:28 am

    that’s so bizarre and hilarious!!

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