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everything looks better in black and white

January 16, 2010
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i am 34 years old.  i have an 18mos toddler.  you would think that because i’m asian, i would look younger than i am but for real yo, i am one haggardy-looking woman.  my once wonderful olive-tone skin has turned a sickly yellow and i have perma-bags under my eyes.  lack of sleep has something to do with it but not because of my child – my sleep sucks regardless – but because i have neglected to take care of my skin.  that’s right folks – the previous skin-care fanatic who had a very regimented skin routine has fallen off the wagon.   like 18mos ago.

when kayla was born, i hardly had time to brush my teeth let alone wash, exfoliate, moisturize etc.  sleep deprivation gets the better of you and you forget to shower and do any of the hygenic things humans normally do, i kid you not.  but since kayla’s learned to sleep on her own at 3.5mos, i continued to neglect my skin.  why? because of said fuckedupness and i was tired.  and lazy.  and because i haven’t applied SPF in i don’t know how long, i now have sun spots on my face.  sun spots!  oh, the world is not right!! i used to cherish my (somewhat even) skin although dry, it was usually free of blemishes.   i don’t even remember the last time i applied a moisturizing facial mask and although i continue to moisturize my skin, sometimes i am bad and don’t even bother washing it properly.  i figure since i hardly wear make-up, surely just a quick rinse with water will do?  wrong.  i should know better but sometimes my exhaustion gets the better of me.   so all these months of neglect has finally gotten the better of my skin.  now i look like a 60yr old witch.

which is why that from now on,  i’ve decided that i will only be photographed in black and white.   sepia tone is ok to.  such tones work will with sallow skin and makes you look more attractive and elegant.  maybe a little mysterious if you pose just the right way.  but taking a regular picture – no thanks.  i’ve seen many pictures since the holidays and the camera is not my friend.  they say the camera adds ten pounds but no ever told me that it also makes you look like you’re wearing a scary mask when your skin isn’t in tip top shape.  and by tip top shape, i mean healthy.  which my skin is not.

so i will make a point to get back into my skin care regiment again, hardcore styles.  i look at my mom who is in her sixties and she has less wrinkles than me.  she also has a better social life as well but whatevs.

i need to stop looking like an old decrepit babysitter and start looking like a normal 30-something woman with a child!  i need to look like me again because right now, it ain’t happening!!

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