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a curse to all you hackers

January 14, 2010

i hate my computer.  i hate PCs.  my computer got attacked by some virus and it was all DH’s fault.  he fully admitted it and then looked at me when the computer wouldn’t boot up and said: “when can you fix the computer?”.  i almost gave him the finger.  kidding, but i did tell him that he fucked it up so it’s he has to fix it.  just because i’m at home and kayla is at daycare doesn’t mean i have all the time in the world to sit and clean out the computer, back-up all our data, recover whatever data that was lost (pictures of kayla! boohoo! 😦 ) and re-install/configure everything.  i’m busy at home, you know?  what with all the lying down and napping or reading or shopping, fixing the computer just doesn’t fit into the schedule.

so what happened was that he had to do a reinstall of the OS to windows 7.  can i just tell you how much i hate windows 7.  it’s just prettier – that’s it.  same security holes, same shit that attackes the OS.  why can’t microsoft just make a better OS?  why must i have to download buy anti-viral software??  i have a macbook and i have never had a virus problem.  i don’t even have any virus protection software on it either.  the only reason i use our desktop is because i have dual monitors.

anyhow i ask all hackers – why must you feel the need to develop worms or trojan horses or whatever to attack our computers?  how has the public wronged you?  if you are angry at the technical conglomerates, just attack them please.   i’m sure it’s much more of a challenge to infiltrate their servers than it is to infiltrate my measly desktop with a 80g hard drive.  i doubt you’ll get more joy from pictures of my family or my music collection that includes songs from artists like britney spears, JT and susan boyle than you will with the ample financial and secret data of said conglomerates.   so please, please just piss off.  leave us alone – we do not have the kind of money you are looking for.

you know, it would not surprise me in the least if the hackers out there are secretly employed by mcafee, symantec, norton or any other software giant because if there weren’t any viruses around, they’d be out of business.  they’re probably collaborating with microsoft to build a shitty OS so they can build corresponding viruses that seemingly know how to breach the OS’s security holes.  notice whenever microsoft comes out with a new, “more secure” OS or software or whatever, a virus begins to circulate within that same week?  coincidence? i think not.  it’s a conspiracy, my friends but pretty smart marketing scheme:  buy an OS and get a trojan horse that will eat everything from your hard drive for free!  and for a low price of $199.99 you can recieve 1year of technical service which includes being put on hold for a half hour, our wonderful customer service staff that will speak to you in a condescending tone then send you a security pack that has even more security holes!   i wonder why apple has yet to discover this.

anyhoo, since my computer had to be reformatted because of the asshole who created the virus, i am now without photoshop – and a bunch of other cool software that took me months to find, install and configure –  but right now, the absence of photoshop pisses me off.  it means i am unable to edit pictures the way i want and make my blog look fancy.  i have tried using microsoft’s meagre and rudimentary picture editor without screaming and banging on the keyboard in frustration because i just can’t get the picture right.  i do not have time to sit here and do trial and error on the picture width and height and then look at my blog to see if the picture fits.  i need photoshop so i can do it all at once.  i hope you’re not thinking: why don’t you just buy the software?  well first off, it’s hella expensive.  secondly, i prefer to “borrow” software.  what? i’m a non-working stay-at-home-mom and times are tough.  don’t judge me as a thief either or act like your internet record is unblemished.  and i can’t remember how to program via html or javascript so that’s no good to me either.

so needless to say, my blog will remain drab and unfancy until i’m able to get my hands on a decent photo editing software.  that’s too bad too because i have a great picture that i’d like to use as my header.  what really gets me is that i’m so into blogging right now and so into trying to configure my site to be like, the coolest and prettiest blog ever but i can’t because i’m slowly discovering that blogger is a pretty basic and low-key blogging software.  i’m sure that if i could remember how to program, it would be much easier to just edit the code but i don’t and so i have to rely on the freebies that blogger provides and they’re not that cool either.  boo-urns!

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  1. Nick permalink
    January 14, 2010 10:07 pm

    Hey Kat, you can "borrow" my copy of PS!

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