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my lil’ monkey

January 12, 2010

kayla is adorable.  i love her to death.  it was tough when she was younger but overall, she’s always been a good baby.  shitty sleep or shitty eating, she always laughed and smiled, rarely cried even if she was dead tired.  hardly fussed… however, having said that, she’s now 18mos – a tumultous age when babies want to assert their independence yet are insecure, emotions are running high yet they’re unable to commnicate what they want, their needs or fears which typically results in tantrums and meltdowns.  of course, this usually  happens in public places like the mall.  their minds are racing, their bodies are going so obviously, sleep is the last thing on their mind.

these days, kayla likes to fight sleep.  i don’t know if it’s the disruption of her routine of being away from daycare for 2 weeks over the holidays but something’s up.  she will cry going down for naps and cry waking up from her nap.  her nap is shorter now – under 1hr.  not that she’s any worse for wear but i think she needs to sleep longer.  she seems to think otherwise.  kayla’s sleep comes in cycles – she’ll give me a break and sleep wonderfully, then she’ll throw me a curve ball and her sleep will be way off.  she’s not sick right how and her ears are clear (made sure by bringing her to the doctor), her teeth don’t seem to be bothering her even though i can see 3 eye teeth just below the gum… so i just chalk it up to being 18mos and excited about life and wanting to explore the world.  i don’t mind the short naps – kayla’s always been a challenging sleeper and frankly, i’m used to it but when she has night wakings, well, i’m not down with that.  it’s one thing to fuck around in the crib and give drama during the day but it’s different when it happens at night because at night, i want to lie down and relax.  at night i want to read or watch tv or sleep!  i don’t want to feel horrible lying in bed listening to her cry or roll around losing precious hours of sleep.  because when kayla doesn’t sleep at night, neither do i.

anyway, enough about that.  let’s talk about the fun stuff.  kayla loves to play and laugh and joke around.  if she does something that makes you laugh, she’ll do it over and over again.  she’s learning how to talk as well.  these days, her favourite questions are “where’s daddy”, “where’s the moon” (i don’t know why she’s obsessed with the moon lately), “where did you put it?”, “where did it go?” and “where are we going?”.  if you ask her “where did you put it?” she’ll respond with “i didn’t put it anywhere” – of course, the words are slurred as she can’t enunciate all of the words properly but you can tell that’s what she’s saying.  i love it.  during a 10min car ride to daycare, she’ll aske me where the moon is like, 50 times and i never get tired of answering her.  i love her voice and her laugh is so infectious. here’s how my little monkey has grown over the months:

Kayla – about 1wk old.  she looks like my dad here

maybe about 2wks old.  tummy time- could barely lift her huge noggin



9mos – she looks so weird without her other teeth!


Kayla, now – at 18mos

my monkey is such a little ham.  i am so madly in love with her!

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