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embarrassing but true

January 12, 2010

do you know what Apartheid is and what happened in south africa?  if you don’t, that’s ok because i didn’t either until recently.  am i embarrassed that pretty much everyone i know knows about it but me?  a little.

if you’re unaware of what Apartheid is, here’s the definition from wikipedia:
inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity “committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime“.  so now you know as do i.

i had heard the word before, seen the word before but never really knew what it meant nor did i know what it was about.  it was DH who enlightened me.  we were watching some television show about south africa and the whole apartheid thing, and when i turned to him and asked: “what was that all about?”  he looked at me like i said something bad about his mother.  and to all who are judging me right now, i give you the finger.

i knew it had to do with nelson mandela and that he was exiled but i just didn’t know for what or why.  again, do not judge me.  let me justify this by noting that i don’t recall learning about this in high school.  i vaguely remember learning about any politcal leader of any sort.  ok to be honest, i don’t remember much of high school.  i didn’t take high school very seriously until i hit OAC (yes, can you believe we still had OAC back then?) when i realized i needed to improve my grades to get into university  but prior to that, most of my high school career revolved around skipping classes (ironically, to attend other high schools), going to clubs that should not have let me in, or being hung over during class.  i’m not proud of it but i remember those memories fondly.

i am not an idiot; i have just never been into current events. i know, i know, i should get with it but for real, the only reason i switch to the news station is if i need to know what the weather is going to be like, what the traffic situation is or if there’s a huge headline that everyone’s talking about.  actually, even the last one, i usually don’t really pay attention.  i’m not interested in politics or the stock markets; i don’t really know the situation out in the middle east other than there’s still some kind of war going on and that they have never, nor will they ever find weapons of mass destruction and i’ve stopped paying attention as to why we’re still sending our troops over there. i guess i’ve always been the type of person who only focuses attention on things that actually interest me.  like gadgets.  movies.  computers.  the internet. books.  crafts.  baby information and as of late, cooking.  need to know how to hack into a phone so you can import illegally obtained ring tones?  i’m your girl.  need to know how to configure your computer? i can be your tech support.  need to know what good books to read?  i’ll give you a 5min run-down of what’s hot right now.   need to know how to get your baby sleeping better?  i can tell you the secrets.  but ask me who’s the leader of each canadian political party and i’ll draw a blank.  ask me about the oil crisis or where we are wrt the economic crisis and i will look like you said something bad about my mother.  all i know about the oil crisis is that gas is too fucking expensive.  i do not know why canadians are paying so much money for gas when we have the 2nd largest oil resource in alberta next to saudi arabia (yes i do know about that so gimme a woot woot).  so yes, i’m not down with current events.  or past events for that matter.  i’m not completely in the dark – i do know about some stuff but i just don’t keep up with the details.  whether that makes me an idiot who knows but i don’t judge those who are unaware of such things.  i do however, judge those who don’t know anything about computers or the internet.  i mean really, it’s 2010.  technology has made a huge leap in the last decade – computers are everywhere and pretty much run everything.  everything and anything you do in life can pretty much be done online so if me not knowing about apartheid means i’ve been living under a rock, then people who don’t know anything about computers/the internet, well then i don’t know what category they fall into.  i can forgive the older folk like my moms who still can’t figure out how to use her tv or set her alarm clock but i can’t overlook a 30-something person who doesn’t know how to use email or text messages from their phone.

there’s really no point to this post… just one of my mindless drivels that i needed to get out

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